Monday, October 21, 2013

Vintage Stetson! For Me!

Well, what's a road trip without a little shopping and junking? Not much as far as I'm concerned. A passion for finding addiction? Probably....what can I say....guilty as charged. That is an admission of fact, and Sis likes it as well.

Here is my best find by far...out in cowboy ranch country.... the Bend Goodwill is a great store to visit. While I was strolling along the Halloween Costume Aisle, what to my surprise!!! A vintage Stetson 4X Beaver Hat, hum. Well, it was the right size, clean, very lightly used..and needs a good shaping. The price was under $5, compare that to Ebay at $100 to $250 for the same hat. Of course I had to get it, a girl needs her hats...and at that was totally affordable!!! I can wear it, and have fun with it! Watch out fellow Sisters on the Fly!

The main problem is getting it shaped, there just isn't much around this area. Maybe, Portland, or somewhere on my way to Boise. I will be driving thru some true cowboy towns along the way....hum...I've gotta make some calls to Burns Oregon, and Caldwell Idaho.

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