Friday, February 28, 2014

Viola Love

My life goes on while my brother is in the trauma unit at OHSU in Portland. Spring bulbs are growing and beginning to bloom here in Western Oregon. I have a particular love of the small Pansies, Viola's. There are many colors and varieties to choose your favorite. I really like the blue colors. This photo is not my flowers.............mine are still in the little trays from the store. I will be planting them over the weekend.  I will probably put the tiny plants in the pots into the greenhouse for a week or two...just to get them growing well, then I have to place them outside in a spot away from the deer. They will bloom for a long time, and if I keep them deadheaded.....they look full and compact in planters. It is time for you to give them a try, and they are so much better than primroses.

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  1. I love violas too they do go on and on and give so much color.
    I am sending well wises for you and your brother .
    It is a miracle that he didn't have to have surgery.
    We will wish for the very best outcome now as he mends.


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