Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vintage White Pottery

All images are from Pinterest.

I have been collecting the white pottery items from mid-century manufacturer's for about 5 years now.  All my items have come from thrift stores, and I never pay much for them. I focused on this color because it is the easiest to find...I think that there were many more made of this color. I used them at my daughter's wedding 3 years ago, and the variety of styles looked great. All kinds of flowers look good in this color. It is difficult to find out the maker, as many were not marked McCoy but are....they did not mark very much I have found, except that the USA mark on the bottom. I have looked and held enough of these items to tell the real deal. I have my collection (30) stacked all over the living room. It is time to organize that they have the attention they deserve. I am leaning to get a tall, white, distressed bookcase, or a cabinet. Whatever I choose much be very sturdy, because I don't want to have things fall off.

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