Sunday, May 31, 2015

Camptown Girls at Windy Point Campground

I just got back from the weekend trip, and a friend had already posted photos on meetup. Here are three photos for your amusement. A great campout weekend. I enjoyed getting out into the mountains, with friends. Many of the women have kayaks and really love being on a lake. The weather was good, the storms were east of we had no thunderstorms and rain. There was a bear in the area near the campground so we took extra measures to avoid having any food out, therefore if the bear walked thru....we didn't know it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hitting the Road

Oh Yeah! Happy, Happy, Happy! Heading out to East Davis Lake CG, and then to Crescent Lake Windy Point CG for a Camptown Girls weekend camping trip. The weather is forecast to be 70's, but a threat of thunderstorms. I will have Prairie Flower and will stay comfortable. I love the East Davis Lake campground view shown in this photo by RV Sue. The Mountains in the background are L to R, the South Sister (in the 3 Sisters Wilderness), Broken Top, and Bachelor Butte (Mtn Bachelor Ski Area). The central Oregon Cascades are majestic.

Speaking of RV Sue, she is a retired full time RV'er, who travels all over the USA, and has a blog about her journey and adventures. She is currently staying in this campground, maybe she will still be there tomorrow...when I arrive. That would be cool.

If you are interested here is a link to her blog. RV Sue and Crew

Monday, May 25, 2015

Decide for Your Life

One of the most powerful things we can do is to stand in our very own skin and proclaim what we will and will not allow...what we will and will not believe in...what we will and will not fight for, or fight about...what we will and will not accept as truth for for our life and our self.

You have the right, you have the even have the responsibility to live as you choose and to take charge,... and miracles will happen.

Note- This is an excerpt from Brave Girls Club.

I truly believe in the importance to our own live an extraordinary life, involves setting the boundaries in our lives. I need and will set the boundaries for myself. Think about the messages that others keep attempting to control us with, and do not allow them in...........amen.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

God Bless America

I make a special post to remember all of our military men and women, that gave their lives for our country.

My father, Alfred L Knoper, flew missions over Europe during WWII, and he did his best. 

My Great Uncle, Archie Hawley, gave his life in France during WWI, blown up on a battlefield.

My Father-in-law, Bennie Bertsch, was in the Navy See-Bees in the Pacific, building airfields and other installations.

My Nephew, Michael Bertsch, has served 3 deployments in Afghanistan.

My Other Daughter, Trisha Sullivan Delago, has served about 14 years in the Army National Guard.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


I decided to try this vegetable in the early garden this spring. It is a cross between Broccoli and Cauliflower. The picture shows a Romanesco Broccoli. It is sometimes called a Broccoflower. It is delicious! I harvested the first head yesterday and had it with dinner. It is milder, more tender, and slightly sweeter than the other plants. It is a pretty light lime green color, and is so good. I don't know if any stores carry it, maybe you can find it at a farm stand. I just have 6 plants, and wish that I have more. I will grow it again next spring. Here is a link that describes the vegetable Farmers Alamanac.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I am thinking of the road, again...........while mowing the grass.

God Bless Cowgirls, or Women with Old Trailers.........................for they are Brave. The next camping trip? May 29-31, 2015. I sure hope for fair weather!

I admit that I have not posted to my blog lately. I have been wearing my gardener/farmer hat. This is the time to plant the little seeds for the crop of organic fruits and vegetables come summer. I have to weed the raised beds, for the crop of unwanted plants is coming in thick. The house is a mess.  I had my first strawberry from my garden today. Yum.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vintage Women with Trailers

Hi, all of my Girlfriends! This is a photo of me...taken a few days ago. I am inside an old school bus that is now a mobile Antique Shop.  We went to six different locations to find some good junk. Me?? I came home with a pretty cut glass perfume sprayer. Really pretty...and only $5 at a flea market. A small container of Anne Sloan chalk paint to try on a project. The weekend glamping trip was really great. I did not try the outdoor shower, because they ran out the propane used to heat the water.

Here are some photos of our trailers, there were 27 trailers tucked in together. It is a good thing that the trailers are all pretty small.

My trailer is third from the right.

My trailer, Prairie Flower is third from the right, white with a little yellow, and has a small front overhang....see me?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I am Glamping

I am gone for the weekend. YEA!  27 women and 25 vintage trailers. We are not "roughin it".  We are staying at a lovely farm, with all the amenities. Hot Tub, hot showers, indoor plumbing and electricity! Stay tuned....