Friday, September 4, 2015

1963 Schwinn Starlet Bicycle

I went out junking this week, after doing my errands and shopping. Goodwill had this bike in the rack of used bikes for sale. I really liked this Flamboyant Blue Schwinn (that is what they named this color). This bike was made in the Chicago Schwinn factory on 6/26/1963, and when it was new, the cost was $46.95. 

It is not all original, and the front rack and head light are gone. That is OK, the basics are there and in decent condition. I cleaned it today, and added air to the tires. I took it to the local bike shop and they assisted me with a few things...and I purchased the front basket from them. They are great at the Willamette Mountain Mercantile. They specialized in Mountain Trail Bikes, but will help with other bikes. In fact, the woman working there really loved this vintage bike...and she wants to find one for her own mom.

This bicycle is the same era as my 1963 Vintage Aloha Trailer. Hum...serendipity......I will have fun taking it with me on Glamping trips.


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