Sunday, September 6, 2015

Vintage Pendleton Blankets

Pendleton Woolen Mills are located in Oregon and Washington, USA. I have toured the Camas, Washington mill and the process of making these incredible blankets is amazing. About 35 years ago the mill had a outlet, seconds store on the site. I purchased several blankets there. I got an extra large Chief Joseph Ivory blanket, that I use on a king size bed. They would make some blankets out of various odds and ends of yarn, kind of like a camp blanket...except there was no pattern, just stripes, and each blanket ended up one of a kind. These were only sold there. I purchased one of those also, it is a double bed size, the colors are lovely whites and grays, truly lovely. They had no tags from the outlet store, but of course I know where they came from, and that it was 1980. I still have lengths of plaid wool, to use for sewing.

The blankets that Pendleton makes are made to be used for generations. Sometimes the blankets end up at junk stores, and thrift stores. A true junker, and lover of these items....I always check for the blankets. I have touched enough to be able to tell a quality blanket from feel. There are times when I find one that is in wonderful condition, no mouse or moth holes, fringe intact and worth the small price to acquire.

I found a blanket identical to this photo, at a thrift store's 1/2 off sale. I did buy it. The nights suddenly are colder, and it is under the bedspread to cover me. Wool is wonderfully warm, and comfortable to sleep under. Fellow junkers....keep your eye out for these beauties. It is difficult to date them, there is a symbol for wool, that has only been on the tags since 1964. The Beaver State tag is older than that. The leather tags are currently used on these blankets... motor robes.

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  1. I love these blankets and have always wanted a cream one with the red and green and yellow ? stripes...but alas I never see them in thrifts! Some day I will get to Pendleton....


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