Sunday, July 31, 2016

Taste of Home - Strawberry Marmalade

At home on Sunday,

I needed a jar of my homemade strawberry jam this morning...and what did I find? One pint in the cupboard. This is a serious depletion of my favorite jam.

I have strawberries frozen for this emergency.  I love this Strawberry-Marmalade recipe, it is delicious!

I need to purchase the lemons and oranges...this project will need to wait for the additional things.  I will do it later this week. Meanwhile....I have gooseberries to transform into jam!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

More Adventures!

I think that this quote is wonderful, and pretty much is the place that I am in this life. I am attempting to put together a Girl Camping Group Camp out in August. I just put it out to the Girl Camping world yesterday. I will wait and see what happens, all the answers so far say that I am much too far for them to travel. I am optimistic that a few other women may want to join me. May something good grow from my efforts..... 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Interstellar - A Movie To See

Hi Girlfriends, I live way out in the sticks. No nearby movie theaters, so I see most movies after they become available for home viewing. I do not get the TV channels HBO, Showtime, and Stars. I recently watched this movie free with my Amazon Prime membership. I used my laptop, with feed from the Amazon Prime website. I think that this service is pretty good, and I like several things about it, no DVD to checkout and return, it is free for me, and when the desire to see a new to me movie, at a odd time problem.

I enjoyed this movie, similar movies are Gravity, and The Martian. Both of those are good movies, too.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Walking West - A Good Summer Book 2

May I suggest to you another good book. I am very interested in the women's view in the westward movement of 1850. You see my family came west in 1852 in wagons, overland from Illinois. This book brings the journey to life, and helps me with understanding what happened to the women. This book has been in print for awhile so you can find it used or as an ebook for your Kindle or Nook.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Growing Gooseberries and Harvesting/Canning Them

I posted two years ago about the Captivator Gooseberries that I started growing. The plants were small when I first got them so I used large plastic pots for the first year.  I wanted the three plants to grow much larger before directly planting them.  Last year I planted the three plants into their permanent location in the garden. They grew well. Here are a couple of tips about gooseberries I have learned. Prune them yearly, and they will propagate easily by putting limbs in direct contact with soil. This spring I gave away many new plants from this propagation. I suggest that you purchase only one plant, and growing your own additional plants.

I am picking many gooseberries right now, and decided to make jam out of them. You only need 4 cups of the berries, to start with...and it makes 4 half pints. Here is the recipe Gooseberry Jam.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Brave Girl Symposium 2016

My post yesterday may have mislead you. I love Brave Girls Club. These women are my tribe. I am at my best with these women, they are great, wonderful people...who share many of my personal values, goals and beliefs. I leave the experience with wonderful, lovely, warm and spirit lifting thoughts, feelings... I Am Good!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Brave Girl Symposium 2016

I have been home from the Symposium for a few days now and have a few things to tell you about the experience. The event was wonderful, fabulous, and also a disappointment for me. There were 500 women in attendance and almost all of them came with friends. They were sort of friendly to me, in a cold sort of way. I thought that they were not interested in making new friends, so I was kind of the odd person. I am strong and made the most of the situation.

The event was very well planned, with great speakers and almost all the time we were seated in chairs in the ballroom. It was as if all the speakers had terrible childhoods and bad things happening to them... they all had abandonment by their mothers, and abuse. It seem to me that there are many women who are wise and have good things to share that have not had those issues.

The Boise Riverside Hotel is pretty expensive and not all that great. If I return again...I will not stay there. 

We were asked to bring art supplies with us and didn't use them. We didn't have time to make the projects. I have many projects that I brought home, and will complete them here.

I came home joyful and happy about the Symposium. Will I attend the 2017 event? I don't know.....

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I'm Good

This song was introduced to me at Brave Girl Symposium. We all sang and danced to this cute song. I fell in love with it. Watch it in full screen! Fun!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Driving Across the Oregon High Desert

Today, I am driving about 450 miles across the Oregon High Desert. I am headed to Boise Idaho. Brave Girls Symposium starts tomorrow! I am upbeat and excited for this day to be here at last. Why don't I take an airplane? Because it just takes a couple hours more to drive, I like road trips, scenery, and the peace of being alone. 

Maybe you did not know that 2/3 of the State of Oregon is part of the Great Basin High Desert? It is true. The west side of the state, from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Mountains is where it rains....I live there.