Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Barlett Pear Harvest

I harvested the pears yesterday. A superb harvest, the best that our small tree has provided. Of course, the real heroes are the honey bees...without their pollination there would have been many fewer pears. The pears are a bit green when harvested, and I am finishing the ripening inside the house. If you are curious I estimate that there is about 100 lbs in this photo. I don't think that I will can all of these....just 50 pints or so. That sounds like plenty of work for me. Home canned pears are very superior to anything store produced! Trust me.

I thought that I had a breakthrough with the dog I am pet sitting.....then....I try to correct him and take something away from him. Oh...the growling and snarling at me. Wrong dog!  I did the same back to him, to show him I was the bigger dog. I ended the situation by putting him in time out, confinement in his kennel box. I think  that 2 hours or so will be good for him.

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