Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dreaming of Summer Camping

I don't know about you...but I am ready for some nice, warm, sunny weather. This area has been in a rainy, snowy season for 5 months. The snowpack is deeper than normal, and my home just got another 7" of snow. The daffodils are coming up a couple of inches....and I still haven't been able to clean-up the dead plants in the garden, or trim the fruit trees, and berry plants.

I have made my peace with this situation, I have a good fire in the fireplace, and park myself nearby in a comfy chair, with a book, nook, tablet, and music. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Live with Intention

Hi Girlfriends, Although it is nearly March 2017...I think that this is a good idea. You can save it, or print it, or just give the idea a thought. It is good to remind ourselves of the things that personally call to us. It is good to set up goals and ideas for ourselves. It is good to let the good things call to us!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bring a Primrose Inside

This idea is so very cute, and a small taste of the spring to come. I saw some Primroses for sale a few days ago. I picked out three plants that have many blooms. I replanted them into individual McCoy planters. 

They are certainly a pretty, bright, arrangement to have at home. They will last longer than a cut flower bouquet. I like to use my collections when I can...I love them. Happy!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gone With The Wind

I remember reading this iconic book when I was a young teen. The original book is much more interesting than the movie. The movie is great, and I watch it sometimes. I watched it last week. I decided to find a vintage copy, and read it again. My area has a chain of St Vinnie's stores, that are really great. They claim to be the biggest bookseller in the area...and I always go there when I want a book. The edition that I wanted was a 1936 copyright and printing. I researched online about the printings and knew that I did not want to purchase a book club edition, paperback, or a movie edition. 

I did find this hardcopy, 1936 copyright, with a 1964 printing. It is in very fine condition, with this dust jacket. The price $2.49...that is all... The book is worthy of collection, it was well cared for the last 53 years.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Newborn Dexter Calf

Yesterday, we had a surprise waiting for us. Sometime around 7am, our Dexter Cow, Daisy, had this little fellow. It was pretty cold outside, and he was very cold when hubby found him. He and I brought this calf into our home and warmed him up in the bathroom. We used heating pads, heaters, and towels to dry him. The little guy took about 4 to 5 hours to get warmed up using our method. I made up a pack of calf starter, and put it into a calf bottle...he took a little of it, proving to me that he still had a suckling response. What a small calf with the will to live! We took him back to his mama, and they are in a stall. Mama immediately took over, licking him and caring for him. She is very protective of her babies. He is doing good today, he has no fear of us....because we cared for him yesterday. I named him Snap. His mom is Daisy and Snap is short for another common flower.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

UKE U 2017

I got my ticket to attend Uke U (ukulele university) in Bend Oregon. It has been held in mid-July the last 6 years. I have a ukulele playing, Girl Camping friend who is very involved in this event. I finally managed to get a ticket to this 3 day event. It is July 13 thru 17th this year. I am so happy, the event is always a sell out. I have been thinking about purchasing a Tenor Ukulele...I haven't decided yet. Sometimes my finger joints hurt so bad...that I think that my stringed instrument days are about over...however, I am not ready to give up. :)