Thursday, October 11, 2018

Remember When You Were A Brownie?


Oh my!  I certainly remember my days as a Brownie Scout. The cute uniform and beanie cap were something that I loved to wear. My mother had me wear brown tights to keep me warm in the cold Spokane Washington weather. I have a brownie project stored away, it is a penny bracelet. I have a brownie necklace left from those was a Christmas gift. I wish that I still had my cap....however, the memories are with me.

I think that most of you in the USA...who are about my age...remember? Please comment if you were a Brownie.


  1. Oh, I remember being a Brownie too, but it wasn't for that long. This picture is so cute. That's cool that you still have a bracelet and necklace from those days.


    1. I just remembered, I was a Bluebird, not Brownie. I'm wondering if they are similar to each other? What fun we had when we were kids. : )


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