Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life is Busy

I am busy as a bee. Dutch oven cooking last Saturday here in Oakridge. I hosted a "famous" cook at the DOG (dutch oven gathering). I cooked a new recipe, an invention, based on a cooking TV show, Huckleberry Cornbread Coffeecake. I am getting ready for my 1st time being a dealer at an antiques faire in a few days. I had a floral class last night. It goes on, and on. I am really enjoying myself. Looking for fulfilling, happy days.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I will protect my soul.

I was told to look at the Brave Girls Club. It is an fun website, and place to go for a great time at Camp. They are already sold out for 2010 camps. It is held in McCall, Idaho a really spectacular outdoor area. I will keep an eye on the sisters web page.
I have made goals for myself thru my life, but especially after my mothers death in 1996, followed by surviving cancer in 1997. Everyday is a special gift, not to be wasted. Living a fulfilling life, enjoying the trip is important to me. Be brave, challenges, enrichment, and loving myself is the path I have taken.
I just don't get the path of putting off the things that one really wants until later. Later may never come. Make and take the time to take care of yourself. Stop and smell the roses, enjoy the rainbow, watch the birds, pet your purring cat, and play with your dog.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Flowers and Spring and a Trip

There is warmth in the air, about 80 lately, and not freezing at night. Just a teaser for me. I have done some work in the veggie garden. We built 2 more raised beds with wood. I moved compost into some of the beds. It is a slow process, very heavy stuff to move. I move 3 or 4 wheel barrow half loads and call it good. I would be very sore if I did a great deal. Planted broccoli, and walla walla onions. I am planning out the planting beds...where everything goes. I noted that there is plenty of home canned green beans, so I'll just grow a few for fresh eating. The 3 year old Bartlett pear is beginning to bloom, for the first time! Happy, happy, now I hope there will be enough pollinators for a small crop.
On another note, I am thinking about a car trip to Moscow, Idaho. Late May, but not on the holiday. I really want to stay at Mary Jane's Farm B & B, she has the coziest wall tent set up. Decorated and fun, very special....I need to make reservations today. Yeah, it will be fun!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting moving again!

I am getting well and starting to create items for the big sale at Sometime In Time, here in Oakridge. I found some lovely rose floral drapes at a thrift store. There were 2 panels, just enough fabric to make 2 aprons. I completed the 3 chair planters, and found a few more nice things for the sale.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Elk on Farm at Night

The Elk! The Problem! The Meeting!
Can you see them? Only a few are in the photo there are many (200) more in this area. Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife had a public meeting about Elk Management. Something has to be done to get the herd much smaller. Many people, many ideas, many concerns. Suggestions like Wolves, birth control, trapping, etc. People who don't mind the elk, but really dislike the hunters. City people who are having their landscaping, and vegetable gardens destroyed. People who don't like guns. I just want the numbers reduced. These animals destroy our fences, and our pastures..and they can do it very quickly. Privately, the officials told us that they will have some kind of antler less hunt, for the private landowners, to enable us to reduce the elk numbers. They are required to have this meeting, to meet the obligations, before they can take action. What irked me most, was one of our neighbors, who said that no one should expect to raised cattle or hay in our area! This guy is crazy, and he has now made his neighbors unhappy with him. He should have kept his mouth shut. We are not telling him that he can not have his 6-8 mules, or that it is wrong to do. Other people complained over, and over about the people who want to hunt this herd. Well, most private landowners do not want anyone on their land. They will make exceptions for a few family and friends.