Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Long Drought

Rain!!! Finally!! We have had a long drought this year, many records for weather have be set this year. Two long dry years are right behind us. The future is something that cannot be predicted...however, I hope for a normal weather year with plenty of rain, and a good snow pack. I have noticed many trees are dead due to drought. The pastures have dryed up. The soil is too dry and hard to drive a post. I look forward to the beautiful green land this photo shows.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Look Who Came To Dinner!

The trail camera took these photos last night, about 2 am. A black bear visiting the deer treats. The bear decided to climb into hubbies tree stand, and that is not unusual for bears. However, the bear chewed or clawed the padded arm rests completely. I hope is that is bear does not decide to visit our 3 honey bee hives.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Garlic is Sprouting

Do you remember a short time ago I blogged about growing garlic? I fixed the raised bed by putting hardware wire under it, to keep the gophers from eating the garlic. I am happy to announce that my garlic is growing beautifully! My wire underneath the bed is doing the job...too. There is evidence that the gophers have been tunneling under the raised bed, however the garlic is safe from the hungry beasts. Hurrah!!!  I win this time.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Garden Cleanup

I know that all of you that seriously garden understand the importance of good fall cleanup.  I am doing just that, removing all the old plants from the garden, and putting them on a compost pile. I used to use my garden cart...just like this photo...hard work when there is a big garden to take care of. These days we own a Branson farm tractor with a bucket on the front. I loaded and took 5 large loads of material to the compost pile. I probably have another 4 loads to do next week. Then early next year the pruning of berries, grapes, and trees. It sure adds up over the long term. In the spring we put out into the garden small seeds and plants....and in the fall, we remove very large plants...sometimes I am amazed how a sunflower seed can grow into a huge plant.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Signs of a Life Well Lived

One of my friends sent this out on Facebook. I don't know the origin. I am so there! Truth! There is still plenty of life in this old girl......You too?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Oprah's Super Soul Sunday

Last night, I watched the Super Soul Sunday with Oprah and Brene Brown. I was transfixed with the entire interview. Brene is such a wise woman. She has written several books and does seminars online and in person. The wisdom that she shared touched me deeply. She said in order to forgive that something must be broken. The interview discussed this in fact. Now I know why I have forgiven someone close to my heart....I have grieved and let go of my dreams and plans for the future with her. A tragic thing...really...the betrayal was deep, and the relationship will never be the same again.

The difficult thing for me to do is explaining the situation to others. Some people understand...and others are not able to accept.

Here is a link to her website, Brene Brown

Friday, October 16, 2015


from Pinterest

from Pinterest

I have seen Great Horned Owls on the last 2 camping trips. Last night, one flew to a 20 ft tree right beside my campfire. He or She watched me for a few minutes and then flew off along the shoreline of Paulina Lake in search of some food. The sunset was beautiful orange over the lake, with a sliver of a crescent moon reflecting on the water. Then I had a visit by the owl. I tried hooting at it to see if it would respond....but, nothing. This morning at 830 am the coyotes were howling and barking along the shoreline. Interesting!

I am back home, and my trailer, Prairie Flower, is backed into the shop building for the winter. I am going to wash the bedding and make her ready for next spring, or for a cozy little spot to catch a nap. It is kind of sad to know that rainy season will soon be here.

Paulina Lake is in the Newberry Caldera National Monument, on the Deschutes National Forest. The elevation is 6300, there are natural hot springs that feed 2 lakes, and closes early in the fall. It is a caldera similar to Crater Lake National Park, only 70 miles away in the Central Oregon Cascades, close to La Pine, OR.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Glamping Tip - Stanley Thermos

This tip can be useful for many people, and not just for camping. There are several kinds of thermos' around our house. This brand is worth the extra price. Or, maybe  you can find one at the thrift store that is like new. I have two 16 oz bottles that I use in Prairie Flower. I have no water heater, so I must heat water on the stove. My favorite practice is to heat water in the morning for tea, and I heat enough to fill the two Stanley thermos bottles. I fill my two Stanley 16 oz Bottles, and usually have plenty of hot water. The water is still extremely hot 12 hours later, and the next morning it is only a little cooler.

I like the 16 oz size because they store easily in the trailer, and are a good size to handle. 

I tested other brands that I have around the house, and none kept the water hot like these. Most were quite lukewarm, if not cool. These will probably go to a thrift store...why keep the ones that are inferior?

This is a landmark blog post for me....I now have 1000 posts!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Time to Plant Garlic

Hardneck Garlic - Music Garlic

It will soon be mid-October, and the garlic needs to be planted so the roots will get growing while the soil is still warm, and before the weather turns cold. My choice for growing is Music Garlic, this variety does well here in Western Oregon. I get my planting material from Territorial Seed Company, here in Oregon. I have a big chore to do before planting, I need to make sure the gophers cannot eat all of my garlic. To do this, I will remove all the soil from my raised bed, and install heavy welded wire on the bottom of the raised bed and attached to the wood sides. I need to make a trip to the lumber and hardware store and get started, I want to do this in the next few days.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Coming Back to the University of Oregon!

All of my best wishes for a successful recolonization of the Alpha Phi Chapter at the University of Oregon. My house is Sigma Kappa!