Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Friend, Ranch Farmgirl

These photos are from my friends blog. She has incredible photographic ability. I am really envious....I will learn how to do this! Ranch Farmgirl is Sheri Jesperson, who lives in Wyoming. Her collages are very creative, and just tug at my heart. I am a visual person.
I love some favorite magazines just for the photos and design, that are incredible.
I have been really busy, getting ready for a labor day weekend antique sale. Completing some crafty items, purchasing some treasures to sell. Displays, and making a new market umbrella cover to use. Boxing up stuff, and preparing to set up my area. Fun for me

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Convertible on the Bucket List

Beetle Convertible

Sebring Convertible
I spent 4 days with my Sis, Jane. We rode her horses...boy do I love her new one, Hoot. He is a nice Quarter Horse gelding....maybe I can borrow him sometime. Jane and I were talking about all kinds of things and I said that I really want a convertible car to play with (a toy so to speak), and she replied that she has always wished for one. Wow, now we a going to find one to purchase jointly and share. I am excited!! I really like the beetle, and she really likes the sebring. Well, it has to be in great condition, low miles, and under $10,000. Age is not a real consideration...meaning it doesn't have to be new for sure. Oh, Oh, Oh, I am smiling about it. We are both nearing 60, it is time to enjoy life while we can. You only live once. Bucket List....yeah.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To my Sis, Jane

Sometimes the things that are tugging at our hearts come with strings attached that feel too risky, too difficult, too scary to follow.

You know what you are supposed to do, lovely...you know the answer. Your intuition has been telling you for SUCH a long time, and everyday that goes by the little messages keep getting stronger, the miracles keep showing up, the signs keep appearing...in ways that you can not deny.

It doesn't matter if your path is not a common one. It doesn't matter if some people will not understand...sometimes it doesn't even matter whether WE understand all of it. What matters is that you follow YOUR heart...that you listen to your soul...that you do what YOU are meant to do.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream

The Mountain Pass Kookers, the local dutch oven cooking group had their regular Saturday gathering, called a DOG (dutch oven gathering). We didn't have many of the members come this time. It was a really hot day, and it is also the time of year when many people are busy with summer activities. I found this old (1930's-40's) vintage ice cream maker at Goodwill about 2 years ago. I thought that I would resell it. Condition, age, and good working condition make it a desirable find. It is a large size, really good for making ice cream for a group. I decided to use it, and now it is history. Feeding many people a great vanilla ice cream, with a Marionberry Cobbler. It is fun, and one of our friends loves to crank it, it only takes about 20 minutes.
When not in use....I have a display for it, and a smaller one. When I was at the Brownsville Antique Fair a week ago...I saw an antique model, the smallest size made White Mtn Ice Cream Maker. That one made about 2 servings, it was smaller than a coffee can...and a hand crank model. It was priced at $250.00. That is an average price for those mini size ones. Out of question for most folks.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Time for Myself

It is time to relax and renew. How about spending some time in this hammock? Enjoy doing nothing exactly, just think, plan, and dream It really sounds good. The summer is passing quickly...school is just around the corner. My schedule no longer revolves around the school year. I hope that the normal great September weather is coming. What would I like to do this year? Rent a convertible for a day, kinda crazy....I could just roll down all the car windows and get the wind in my hair. I had a girlfriend in college that had a convertible, it was so much fun to ride in that car. Maybe, I will see about it. A road trip to Idaho, too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This and That

Outdoor Tub at Mary Jane's Farm
I dream and plan to one day make a trip to Mary Jane's Farm Bed and Breakfast. I was planning to visit in 2010, until I called to make a reservation...and found that they were not operating the B&B this year. Next summer then!
Oh let's see...what is happening around the farm. The cougars are still here, one was spotted by the driveway 4 days ago. It is unnerving to consider that this predator is so very close, and so very dangerous. Disturbing is a good word, worried for our 5 Dexter cattle and other pets. You won't find me wandering around the property. This is why I am not seeing the normal deer and fawns here.
The Brownsville Antique Fair was fun, I didn't have enough time. I purchased a Vera silk scarf, in 1960's colors, shocking pink, and lime green. I put it around my straw hat, it was great, for $5. I also found old sterling silver and turquoise screw back earrings for $10.
The garden is starting to produce. Tomatoes, zukes, cukes, and marionberries right now. If the weather stays in the 80 to 90 temp range..things will come along really well.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun with Junk

I really love these photos from a friend's blog...so I thought that I would share them. Sometime I am going get some of my junkque together and composed some great photos like she has done. I passed up an old metal picnic cooler at the thrift store last week. I am still wishing that I had purchased it....but the price was way high! I am going to the Brownsville Antique Fair on Saturday...who knows what might be there. I hope for something fabulous, the thrill of the hunt and find! I can take some photos, anyway! Guess what, today is the 33 yr wedding anniversary for hubby and I. Wow!!
The area around our farm has cougars, we have known this for years...hearing of sightings, neighbor losing an angora goat, a neighbor spotting a cougar on our place several years ago. About two weeks ago a neighbor saw two...together, near the fence. Now, last Sunday, a neighbor had a cougar take a sheep...getting it right in the barn. We are concerned for our animals, 5 cattle (one is a calf) running in a pasture that includes timber that is good hunting area for the cougar(s). There is good brush and other vegetation that a cougar can sneek very close to the house, and not be seen. Worrysome, althought the cattle are extremely watchful and stay together. Hubby saw the cattle acting strange that Sunday morning, he thinks they saw, heard, or smelled the cougar. I, myself, saw them run (I mean really run!) up to the house 2 or 3 years ago.
Whatever they saw, really frightened them, I thought at that time there was a cougar around. I hope that we don't experience an animal loss. And I will admit, I loath to walk down into the timber.