Thursday, October 28, 2010

End of October 2010

Yesterday we were treated to an extra early snow, yes, 1/2 inch of the white stuff coating everything. My small pear seeding, still with leaves, was in sorry shape...I went out there and got the snow off it first thing. One of our Dexter cows, is going to calve soon...I so hope that the weather stays reasonably good for her and the newborn calf. I have much going on, planning the wedding, keeping up with projects, and just regular daily chores. I really find that staying busy is good.....too much slow time is not my thing. Finding time to blog can be difficult, so I am not making longer posts. Finishing things before the weather goes bad....yep, gotta do that. Bye.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Summer Lake

Hubby and I just returned home from a short trip to Summer Lake. For those of you who don't have the faintest idea where that is. It is about 150 miles from here, way east in Lake County. There is a large Oregon Wildlife Refuge there, and we like to go there in the fall. It was about 75-80 degrees and beautiful weather. The claim to fame is the great duck, goose, and upland game bird hunting. (And wildlife viewing) The bird hunting was terrible. I really enjoyed myself, this area is opposite of home. It is fabulous in it's own right, I don't think that I would ever want to live there full-time. The wildlife viewing was great, many deer, and antelope to see. The scenery was wonderful. We got plenty of exercise, walking miles every day. It is nice to get away, but also good to come home. We will be back, in a week or so (our travel trailer is still there.) There is a rental home there, I will call...maybe when the weather is too cold for the trailer..... Life is Good!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Western Line Dancing

I started taking a Line Dancing class last week. I had some trouble coordinating my feet, and remembering the steps. It was fun and is good exercise! I just don't have any leather soled shoes or boots. Maybe I need some boots like these...huh? I believe that this activity will be good for my balance, coordination, memory, and a challenge!


I love these photos that came from a friends

French Antiques

I enjoyed seeing these items and wanted to share them on my blog. I have been a homebody recently.....fall projects to complete. Canned 12 pints of spaghetti sauce yesterday, and picked many more tomatoes, put inside the market umbrellas, and patio rugs, cleaned up part of the garden too.
I wrote about a local (Eugene, Oregon) jewelry company named Brocante earlier this month. I checked them out online...guess what? It is a very profitable company, 1 -2.5 million$$$ in sales. Wow, I was shocked! I guess that there is a good number of people who love their creations, and purchase them.
The chantrelle mushrooms are ready for picking now, excellent wild mushrooms. I have dried them for winter use, and this fall I think that I will can some. I think that they will be better that way. BTW, the stores are selling fresh ones for $10 a lb right now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Kitchen Stuff

Love, love, love, the old kitchen stuff. It speaks to me of all the women who once used the items. Maybe somehow I see many of these items as a beautiful thing...there are so many of the red handled kitchen gadgets. I just found one that is specific design is for grating hard cheeses. It seems that the inventors were really looking for every type of possible gadget for the home cooks. I do use some of the items that are in my collection. Now that Fall is upon us, I want to bake. Hubby has to lose some I must refrain from tempting him. I have many tomatoes waiting for me to "put up", canning into crushed style or spaghetti sauce. I must stop ignoring them soon. My Meyer Lemon tree is back in the house today. The greenhouse is empty now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Brave Girls Club

There is a website called The Brave Girls Club. Check it out, they will send you a daily email message with inspiration and ideas to think about. Sometimes the email will lift your spirits, or give you much food for thought. My friend is away this week to one of the camps that they have several times each year, I am looking forward to hearing about her experience. Anyway...while she is gone, I am shop sitting for her. It hasn't been very busy the past 3, I have completed quite alot of sewing. Long scarves, and market bags.....with special detail and nice lining. I have read some, and done a little crafting too.
BTW.....We have a wedding location and date July 30, 2011. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

A hike to Rock Mesa, and South Sister

The last day of September 2010, and a 4+ mile hike into the Three Sisters Wilderness. Jane and I have been wanting to make the trip there for a couple of years. You see, we spread our mother's ashes there in 2004 and wanted to visit the spot and check on the Rock Carin we made. We did walk right up beside it, had our lunch, and spent a few minutes looking for it. Well....we sat and ate our lunch within 100 feet. I guess our initial instincts were right. I just thought we had put it farther off the trail. The rocks are barely visible from the trail. The past six winters had only pushed the rocks into the soil a bit, otherwise the rocks were exactly as we placed them. Yesterday, Jane left Mom's horseback riding spurs, and I left a beautiful heart shaped western belt buckle. We tucked them into the rocks, and put a few more rocks on the top. It was a gorgeous fall day, didn't see anyone else up there, and it was good to have a short time there. All in all, I think we spent 4 hours on the hike. It isn't a long hike, but it is strenuous.