Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A day by myself

I have just had the need to get away, really for several days....I don't know if that is going to happen. Yesterday, I got in my Highlander, grabbed my camera, binoculars, food, water, hat, jacket, extra shoes, blanket, filled er up, and just drove over Hwy 58 pass to central Oregon. I remembered a really rough back road going up by Todd Lake, to Broken Top (near the S Sister) and onto the Sisters area. It has been over 25 years since I last went up there...so I took a chance....and drove up the rugged road, yep, the road was awful, but I have 4 wheel drive. It was a easy drive for me!! It was so satisfying to go up there, I guess that the elevation is 6000 ft. I did not go far, maybe 3 miles, but it took about 30 minutes. Slow going, but hay, I have driven many forest service roads just like this one. No big deal. The views were wonderful, here are two I want to share. It was cathartic for my soul. I don't mind being alone, I can think....... Sometimes being in the outdoors is just what I need.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

End of Summer 2010

The official end of summer has happened, I am still waiting for some crops to ripen...grapes, butternut squash, and pie pumpkins. I am making raspberry cordial as usual. I did plant the garlic for 2011 harvest this week. It is getting dark earlier now, so I am spending more time crafting and sewing. I do my best to keep an upbeat, happy attitude. Sometimes, life is difficult and I want to run away.......................I just turn my mind toward where I want to be, and things that really make me glad...like Pollyanna.
I saw a Toyota Spyder a few days ago. I talked with the owner, he is 6'3" and it fits his legs, really loves his, and it gets great mileage. There is very little space for stuff when traveling...travel light! I thought it was a really cute sports car. These are going to maintain their value and could be a good investment.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This jewelry is described by the creators as Funky, Fabulous Jewelry, Composed of Collectibles, Curiosities and other fun stuff. Brocante is their name, they are Carol, and Kay from Eugene, Oregon 541 344-5183
I saw their booth at the Coburg Antiques Fair. Wow, their work is incredible. I was very impressed. I asked permission to take photos for my blog. I wanted to share the wondrous, creativity and variety with everyone. The prices run from $40 to $125....some of the beads, and other collectibles that they use come from France and other locations around the world....and the jewelry making work is really beautiful, using only sterling silver...so I can understand the price. Now, I think that I should have found one that spoke to me. Alas, they are right in my area. I think they will have more shows in this area.
Oh, BTW, I still want a convertible. Hubby wants to sell the boat....hurrah...I will keep telling him that I want a car until he gives his blessing. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I have Convertible Fever...maybe a Toyota Spyder??

Toyota Spyder
I am trying to move on...really. I am going to rent one of these for a few days. That is, if, we get some nice weather again. If I can get hubby to sell his boat that he used 2 times in the last three years...there would be space to store this little baby where the boat is. These sell (used) for less than a used mustang, and I really have been a Toyota lover. Great autos!! I could see myself driving this car.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend of Junkqueing

I Love Cameos
I had a fun weekend of searching for great stuff. It is unusual for me to find great stuff at low prices. First, there was a garage sale where a gal was selling a bunch of collectible and shabby chic stuff. 8am on Friday and I was the first person there, she was still setting up. I got a bunch of great stuff for $23. Wow. Then I moved onto the Methodist Church rummage sale, this sale is always great, they have a variety of things, and always at a very low price. I got a bunch of vintage sewing notions, buttons, etc for 5 cents each. An old silk California collectible scarf, 10 cents. Unbelievable right! I went to the Coburg Antique Fair on Sunday. Great weather, great sellers with a variety of old stuff. I purchased 4 Christmas Postcards, 2 enameled basins, a wonderful 1920's train case, a 54" long real pink pearl necklace, and an old sterling silver tall creamer that is a 1958 trophy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Turning 60 with a Mustang Convertible

I wrote a couples of weeks ago about my desire for a convertible. I found a '99 Mustang, much like this one. It is a nice car...I think it could be one. I am waiting for Jane to make her decision. **update** the car was sold :(

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Sale

How about these photos! I had a great time participating in the Somewhere in Time Sale. These photos are of my stuff for sale, and me in Deana's 1956 Dodge Pickup. Busy times, met people from all over the US. Made some $. Learned alot, and made a few mistakes, nothing much... It seems kind of strange what people are interested in. Look at the wine rack, that I purchased just to display my rolling pins on. Several people wanted to buy it, but when I told them that I wanted $15 for it (just a few dollars over my cost), they wanted to dicker the price down. And why are they wanting the display racks, etc? Just wondering......
On another note, I test drove 3 convertibles, and the VW isn't for me...too small. I am a tall person, and it didn't feel comfortable. But, there was this Mustang...it may be the one. I think hubby would like it also. It's really a great car.
Happy Birthday, Nicole!!! xxoo