Monday, June 29, 2015

My Kitchen Stuff

I am certain that most of you do not share my love of vintage kitchen stuff. My collection of these 1930's era kitchen shakers is my largest collection. The shakers were very inexpensive at that time, and sometimes a free give away. I have a set of these Roosters, however mine have a factory defect....there is no green on the glass rooster.

I have a few of these, mismatched colors.....but I like them anyway.

I have one of these in a sugar shaker. Many of the sets included sugar and flour, these are more difficult to find. In fact, the most common shaker to find is Pepper. The reason? The Salt shakers were often dropped and broken.

These Tipp City Shakers are a great set of spices....a rare find! Spices are more uncommon and valuable....and for a set $$.

My favorites are the shakers with the pretty designs on them, made by Tipp City Shakers. I have collected many designs, and my collection exceeds 125 individual shakers, many of the vintage metal racks, and wooden racks. I rarely purchase them anymore. I don't see any designs that are rare enough to collect, and that have a low price. I am understand.

I have been collecting shakers for over 30 years, and I think that I am pretty knowledgeable on the subject. If you have questions...I can probably answer them. Happy Collecting!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vintage Native American Silver Jewelry

My cell phone camera is not the best for photos, and they are blurred a bit.

I found a great bargain at the thrift store last week, and now I am going to "show and tell" about it. This bracelet is vintage sterling silver and turquoise, one of a kind, hand made by a Montana Silversmith. "Son of Bear", as his work is marked, is Ray Miller, a man who is part Cherokee. His work of unusual, it features very detailed leaf and flower patterns applied on the base sterling silver bracelet. He stopped silver smithing sometime about 1990. His work is dated between 1960 to 1990. 

What is the bargain? An Internet search reveled some surprising results. I saw a similar bracelet priced higher than $750! Wow, I see this price and wonder if it is well above reasonable. Yes, the item is very heavy for the size, a lot of silver. I would never consider purchasing an item like this for that kind of price...I am not crazy. I paid $15, half off the $29.99 price. I never pay much for my silver, because that is part of the fun. Things to look for at junk stores, and flea markets.

So much for the story! I have a nice little collection of Vintage Native American jewelry. It all started with a small Hopi pendant that I purchased at Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful store, about 1979. I love wearing these things most of the time, because they are casual and fun. This suits me and my style.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Blog Readers.........

I want to give all my readers a big hello, and thank you for looking at my blog. Sometimes I have trouble writing posts, and wonder why you are interested in my blog. In the last month, I had over 4000 visits to my blog...but only about 4 comments. I hope that I have inspired you by some of my posts, and understand some of the things that I talk out. 

Remember to be Kind, Gentle, and Loving to Yourself.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vintage Sheets

I have found that I don't like the new sheets that are available. The fabric is thin, and lightweight. The cost is amazingly expensive for the quality of the sheets.

I noticed on pinterest that women are finding new unused vintage sheets. They sheets come in some wonderful prints and colors. The fabric is substantial, the sheets wash and dry beautifully.  The miss-matched look is eclectic and unusual. Some gals are cutting up the larger sheets and making twin, and crib size sheets with them. Other women are making quilts, and rugs with them.

I found a complete set of gorgeous pink flowered sheets and pillowcases in a full size. Never used...straight out of the package. These are used exclusively in my vintage trailer....and I love them.

My gosh, do you know that if you find these sheet sets...the price is much lower than going to Macy's or Ross and purchasing the poor quality new ones. The styles are much more attractive. I sound like an advertisement... right. 

This photo does not show the vibrant colors of the floral pattern very well. The pattern reminds me of Vera floral items. This sheet still has great elastic in the corners, and I doubt that it was used.The fabric is still like new.  The other two sheets were used a little, and the elastic is bad on the fitted yellow floral sheet. I know that I can replace the elastic without much trouble.

Here is the plan...the bed is a King, with deep mattress. I know that I am not going to find a fitted sheet for a deep, pillow top mattress. Therefore, I am looking for two nice King Flat sheets. The blue sheet fits the plan, and I am stilling looking for another flat sheet. The fitted sheets? Well, the yellow one is a California King, extra long. I am thinking that I could use the other sheet to enlarge it with strips along the sides, with seams at the top edges of the mattress. Two fabrics? It might look odd? That is why I am looking for another King Flat, in blue tones, not as much contrast.

I am odd? Well...I like a good fabric sheet. I can't buy any these days for under $200. I got these 3 sheets for under $10.

Those of you that are about 60, will remember the colors and floral patterns from the late 60's and 70's. Maybe you even had sheets like these. My mother didn't believe in sheets in colors, she only had white sheets. Me? The first sheet set that I purchased for can bet that they were a pretty floral.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

2015 Hay is in the Barn!

OH yeah!! The hay off our farm is in the barn tonight. This is the earliest date that we have ever done the haying. It is so good to have the wonderful, green, grass hay stored for next winter. We will be closer to going on a camping trip now. The other good news is that our next door neighbor asked us to put our cattle on his pasture to graze it down. The cattle will stay there until late next fall...there is over 10 acres of pasture, and the grass is very tall right now.

I just noticed that this is post 1003! Celebration!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Vintage Train Case

Oh my....look at the thrift store find today, only $3.50! An old piece of luggage, a vintage train case from another era. The interior is pretty plain, and the mirror is doesn't smell bad. I know that many ladies have fun painting and mod podging fabric to these...I like this item as it is. I took a mister clean eraser sponge to the edges, and cleaned up the grubbiness. Hum, what to do with this small treasure? I think that I will use it to store electronic gear, tablet, Nook e-reader, camera, MP3 player, speaker, batteries, cords, power back-up, etc. These things are not something that I keep in my trailer, and it is handy to store them together....I will spend much less time looking for things, if I organize them.

Here is my thrift store shopping hint. My local store only gets new merchandise two times each week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I go to the store in the early afternoon...when the stuff is being put out. I find great stuff in the carts of things being sorted and put out onto the shelves. Don't be shy...look for the great things. I also always look at the jewelry cases, sometimes there are great jewelry pieces. More on that later.....

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bee Swarm

The bees are swarming around here. A close neighbor stopped by to see us in the morning, because he had a swarm in a large birdhouse. We discussed what to do with the swarm. He was given an old bee box and frames, complete set. He went to get the free supplies and then we would assist him in the evening. Luckily, we have recently watched a video about catching swarms. and had a basic understanding of the process. The capture went off very well.

Meanwhile, on the home front, we had a hive that decided to swarm about 12 noon. They did not go far, just to the lower branches of an apple tree, about 30 feet away. It took about 20 minutes for the bees to settle into a hanging swarm like you see in the photo. We were racing around, putting together a way to capture (our own bees) them. We managed to put together a make do hive for that purpose. And....................we did it! Yes, and now we have a third hive. Early this morning we put the bees into a real hive, and now they are located in the aviary yard. The bees are not as calm as normal, I walked about 20 feet from the hives this morning..........and got stung. Ice pack, and I am fine.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Scouting for Girls, first edition, 1920

The thrift store provided a wonderful find today. A first edition, 1920, Scouting for Girls Book. Most women of my generation were Girl Scouts, a commonality here in the USA. Other countries have Girl Guides, and other names for similar organizations. I did research on the internet...and I am very happy to say that this book is the real thing. The inside cover shows the young girls name and dates inside the book.  A 95 year old book, I am going to read it soon. If it is valuable...I may sell it to a bookstore. There is probably a collector that would love to have the book. A fun find!

Monday, June 1, 2015

About the Drinking and Drug Culture and Women

OK, that's a strange title for a post.........I just wanted to get your attention. I just returned from an all women's camping trip. I think that I must be odd...because I rarely drink, and never to excess. What? Why do I think that...because 95% of the other women at the campground were boozing all weekend. I have wine with me, but I didn't want it.....I think that am too straight for the weed for me either. Maybe, the group is just a poor fit for me? I went to bed a bit early on Saturday evening because it seem that a big drunk party was getting underway. Are most of them binge drinking alcoholic's? It seems that way...I am rethinking things. It is possible to have a great time without the booze. What am I going to do? My Brave Girls Club has made me understand the things that I want in my life.  My participation with the group creates a conflict, and I know the decision...............I am uncomfortable, and know that the group is not the right choice for me.

I just thought about this situation for a bit. Some of the women say in messages that there is not a drinking culture happening, and that they have never witnessed the same things that I see. They are taking over, and not admitting to their own participation. The old "I am right and you are wrong" thinking. To point out that perhaps they have a binge drinking problem has become a threat to them. I think that it is time to plan trips with the women that I have become good friends with, and to check closely the lists of attendees. I can participate by choosing the events to attend. I have a plan.