Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Birthday Sharon

I see that little girl in the middle...she is myself! I smiled when I found this art. The joy is unmistakable! Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sisters on the Fly

Eugene, Oregon's... Good Earth Home and Garden show starts today, and some of my friend's are putting their trailers on display. They are representing Sisters on the Fly, to provide inspiration for women to join.

This is Anne's 1969 Aloha. She is from the Portland area. This trailer is currently on the front cover, and featured in Vintage Trailer magazine.  

This is Marie's 1960's Oasis trailer. She is from Salem Oregon. Marie took this trailer on Route 66 for a month last spring. The turquoise color is great, she told me that it is a wrap...not paint. I see that she has changed the bike rack, I am going the see what she did. I want a bike rack on my trailer, Prairie Flower.

I love the large front window on her trailer. It allows a nice bright light inside.

This 1950's trailer is very tiny, but oh so cute. The step is a good idea, I like the handle on it, makes it easy to carry. The windows are much smaller, and sometimes dark inside...but that is made better with the lovely original birch interior. I like the interior wood...I don't like the painted over birch.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Surprise Quilt Project

A Surprise Quilt Project? How does that happen? I was shopping/trolling in the Goodwill store one day, and passed by the bedding area. What did I spy....this quilt. I gave it a close look and noted that this is an item that someone had made, and probably given as a gift. The hand finishing of the binding had come apart. The rest of the quilt was in like new condition. I know that making this quilt had cost much $$. The fabrics that were used are colorful and I like it very much. The twin size is good for using in my vintage trailer, Prairie Flower. Oh yeah, of course I didn't leave it at the store. Am I crazy? Maybe. I purchased it for a few dollars, and refinished the binding. This farmgirl spent several hours, and I really do love this quilt. This will become an heirloom...unless I give it as a gift....

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blueberry Lemon Loaf

I have many frozen blueberry packs this year. (My blueberry plants were very abundant this year!) I decided it is a good time to start trying to make new recipes and find ways to use the blueberries. I happen to have several lemons on I found this recipe on Pinterest. 

Today, I baked this bread. I used the large bread pan that is recommended, and it took longer to bake. Next time I will use 2 smaller bread pans. I should be able to bake it in a shorter time.

My opinion?  Really good! I love it! Make it again...absolutely! 5 stars!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Today became a day to spend in the kitchen, not in the craft studio. I decided to bring more of my frozen veggies into the house, and spotted two bags of frozen strawberries that needed to be made into jam. I freeze berries because I rarely have enough fresh to make into jam. My frozen berries were not camera worthy, so this fresh pic is much better.

I find that the process of making jam to be pretty straight forward, the most important thing is to get all the necessary equipment and materials together before starting the project. 

While hubby was outdoors snow plowing the driveway...yet again. I put on my apron and went to work. 11 cups of delicious strawberry jam were made, and put into 1/2 pint jars. He finished long after I cleaned up my mess.

I am a renegade about the boiling water process for jam. I think that the result is inferior, so I used the older method. I learned to make jam with that method, and I like it better....this is before a few years ago when the new method was introduced.

I don't believe what the new "experts" say. The package of pectin said that the jam is good for only 1 year. Not true, the jam stays just fine when stored a dark and cool place. I have a cupboard in the basement the stores my home canned food, and it stays good for several years.

Monday, January 9, 2017

My Soul Book Idea

I hope that some of you looked at the Soul Book online class by Brave Girls Club. The instructions for making the basic book are good and will work. I like to add my ideas into the mix. I think that using an old book for the cover, with rings is a cute idea. Sometimes libraries just give away old hardcover books, and I use that source for yellowed paper and book covers. I am going to use a vintage guestbook cover that I found at the thrift store for just $1.50. I cut out cardboard to fit it. So good. But, after seeing this photo, I am thinking that maybe heavy scrapbook paper, or old book pages, taped, or glued back to back might be a possibility. Hum...well...this is a thing I do, always looking for ways to make a project unique and personal. This is something that I find is a creative blessing...however, it is sometimes just easier to go with the flow. Tomorrow - new photos and ideas...I hope.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Cold, Snowy, Winter

This is an old photo, it looks the same now, with about 12" snow. It was a chilly 8 degrees F last night. I am staying home most of the week. The roads are terrible, and the city has worse roads than the rural area. I have watched log trucks,and school buses going by at a crawl all week.

I had an appt with my Derm doc this week. I always come home from her appts with many pre-cancer freezing treatments, on my face and hands. She has been my Derm for 20 years, and been with me, and seen me through skin cancers, including Melanoma, Basal Cell, and many pre-cancers along the way. She thinks that I need a full treatment of my face, because I have blotchy skin from the many freezing treatments. Now, that I have had several days to think about it, she has a good point. I keep needing treatments on my face, and this may help resolve the ongoing pre-cancers. I believe that I will benefit.

The wintertime gives me time to heal, and rest. The rest of the year is very busy, and I work outdoors on the farm. I am enjoying the quiet time of this winter, sitting beside the fireplace, reading, playing my ukulele, and planning my adventures to come.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Soul Book - A Free Online Class from Brave Girls Club

Yes, I know that I blog about Brave Girls Club all the time. Today, I want to share something very special with you. They have a free online class, Soul Book. I plan to start this class, with the new year. I think that I will enjoy making my own book. Melody Ross makes it so easy with her printouts and videos for the class. I you need to do is download and print out the lessons, pictures, etc. A few crafting things are needed, nothing expensive, tape, fabric bits, mod podge, cheap paint brushes, etc. I hope that you will check it out at this link

See, I made it super easy for you to find. Take a look, maybe you will be inspired to make one for yourself, or with a friend. Really!!!!

Share this blog post if you want, I want women to know about this!