Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ukulele Christmas Songbook

I ordered this book from Amazon and it arrived today. I know that it may be early to think about Christmas...but I need to practice to become proficient at the songs. I really like Amazon, the shopping isn't good around here....and I get to find things that I want right at my laptop. No driving around, or calling around to attempt to get something that no one has in stock....then they order it and the thing is....too much trouble.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Minnehaha Vintage Print by F R Harper

I did a little junkquing on Saturday after a wonderful vintage faire/flea market in Cottage Grove, OR. I found this pretty print in the original frame with the mounting. It is 7" x 6". I got it cheap and then researched the print. It is a work of F R Harper, done about 1920, named Minnehaha. The one I have is cropped a bit on top and bottom, the sun and most of the rock are removed. This kind of thing is typical of the era. This was art for the masses, kind of like posters today. Many prints were included in calendar art.

I learned much of this information from my sister, she has been collecting this art for about 20 years. We used to look at many prints at antique stores, and I learned so much. The vintage frame is pretty collectible, so for her that is very important. This small print is made to be viewed up close, and probably within a collection of similar art. A mini art gallery, if you will. Affordable and fun!

Friday, August 26, 2016


I love wild birds. I enjoy everything about them. I feed them and give them water. I provide nest boxes for some. I am rewarded with birds all around my home. Lately I am finding feathers all the time. I pick them up and admire the beauty, even the large dark ones. I understand that some people think that our angels leave them for us, and that colors have special meanings. I don't know...but it is a nice thought.

Thank you to everyone who commented or sent me an email. It is good to be reminded that my blog does bring enjoyment to others. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Oh yeah!

When I take my trailer out....this is pretty much my story.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We're Hav'in a Heat Wave!

Oh Boy, The weather forecast is setting us up for a doozy....104 on Friday!
I have been wanting to take my trailer out for a few days...but not in this....Ugh!

OK, and the good/bad news is this. Yesterday we ran out of water here on the farm, no water! Dry! What the ---? We just had the well worked over in July...oh my. This is a farmers nightmare, no water, heat wave, high fire danger, plants about to die. I took buckets of water out of the swimming pool to water plants this morning, and to flush toilets. I was planning to set up a sump pump and attempt to pump pool water to the garden. 

Then the well/pump company called and said they would arrive in 2 hours! Yes, and I am so......grateful.........and happy. I envisioned a terrible situation.

The problem was an electrical switch that failed, it's job made the well pump water to the 1500 gallon water tank and house. Small fix, without a large bill...a good thing. It took about 3 hours for the 1500 gallon water tank to fill with fresh water. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ukulele Song Lyrics

I am playing around this Song lyrics to Queen of the Road, from the King of the Road song, using my Ukulele. I included the ukulele chords for your use. I am have trouble with one verse...maybe you can help. I have only included two verses, in all I have written 11.

(C)Two hours of (F)driving slow,
and I'm (G7)sightseeing as I go,
no men, no (F) kids, no pets,
(G7)I ain't got no cute prom dress.

Old Trailer for Glamping in,
I ain't got no plans today.

Third campsite, Midnight Lake,
My cabin at the lake,
Is an old trailer, all fixed up
I don't wear no high heel shoes.

Please comment with any ideas that come to you.....

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Baby it's Hot Outside

Let's go wading, it is 97 degrees of intense summer sun!  

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fiesta Butter Dishes

I decided to get new dishes last fall. I have wanted Fiesta for a long time, and have a small collection of vintage Fiesta. I found a great sale after Thanksgiving last fall, and purchased a selection of dishes in several colors. Hubby saw the large butter dish (the current style) and I said for him to select his favorite. He selected a very dark blue. 

I found the smaller size in Scarlet Red at a thrift store recently, this is a discontinued style, sometime after 2004. The Scarlet Red color was introduced in 2004, the first bright red ever made. This is all the information that I have found from research. 

The Red one will have a place of honor on the counter next to a Turquoise canister with coffee in it. This happy purchase was only $3.59. I just love it when I find great stuff.

BTW, I have found some other Fiesta items in the past year at thrift stores....but only bring home my colors.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Vintage Wood Ironing Board

My story today is about the old wood ironing boards, the hard working women's torture. At least it is to me, envision a childhood spent ironing all the family clothes! I finally decided that I was done with that chore. The next 2 times I had to done the ironing...I ironed in so many wrinkles on purpose...well, I never had to iron the clothes again. I was smart. (Mother never knew. She though I was messy! My Dad probably complained...but I hated ironing those wrinkle prone cotton shirts weekly...and everything else.) I hate ironing, but do need to press sewing projects from time to time. My old metal one broke and the iron was a horrible mess....I took them to the dump one day...the end.  What joy that simple act gave me. I learned that there are ways to hang dry my things. I didn't have any way to press for a few years.

I came across a vintage wood one at the local antique store one day, it was nice and sturdy, and the price was cheap. I have been using it about 10 years now. 

Today, I stopped by the thrift store, looking for embroidery thread for a project...I saw 5 vintage wood ironing boards on top of the dumpster. I asked inside the store if I could take a look to see if there was a good one. There were several styles and sizes. One had very pretty original green legs, but there was a small broken brace....nope. There were 2 good ironing boards in the group. I selected a smallish one, that will be handy for crafting. The size is 4' long by 1' wide, and is stamped on the back 1940. Yes, I did "dumpster dive" for an ironing or what? The price 99 cents! 

The photos above are from Pinterest, and see there are other uses for the things. I could just put a pretty little vintage tablecloth on it for a dessert buffet.

So, if you are looking for one of these....just ask them to save a good one for you. Otherwise, you will not get one, because they toss them. Now I need to oil the rusty metal, clean it up, paint the legs a pretty color, and make a pretty cover. I really don't need any more projects.............craZY!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Vintage Camping Stuff...the Snack-Toaster

I went to the Brownsville, Oregon antique/junk faire today. This pretty little town has held this event for 25 years, and I have been many times, it is always the first Saturday in August. The event is held in Pioneer Park where there are many lovely large Maples and grass. There was lots of good stuff and the prices are good. One vendor had some old camping stuff, and vintage things that caught my attention. I saw her booth as I entered the park, looked at some things but decided to look at all the booths before making a purchase. You see, I only had $40 with me as a budget measure. I was tempted by other things that I saw....but didn't buy anything. My last stop was back to the old camping stuff. She still had the things that I liked. A price negotiation and the deal done.

This photo is not mine, and my item is a double unit, to make 2 sandwiches at the same time. These are from about 1958-1962, made in the USA. The maker was Federal Mfg, of Brooklyn NY. Mine has been used maybe one time.

Many families had these for camping. I don't really remember using this with my family, I didn't have one until about 1976 (I still have it and it is in my trailer). I did some research on these devises and found that it is a unusual collecting item...although the history and value is hard to find. Hum? 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I wish that I was there...Girl Camp 2016, Elk River, Idaho

These photos came from the Facebook posts for Girl Camp. The event was last weekend. I am trying to get an event started near here, in August. I think that I am dreaming...