Friday, September 30, 2016

Rock Creek Campground, Central Oregon

I took this photo earlier this week at Rock Creek Campground on the Deschutes National Forest. This lake is Crane Prairie Reservoir, and there are 4 campgrounds located on several different areas around this lake. This late in the camping season, some of the campgrounds are gated and closed. Rock Creek CG is actually closed, except for the boat ramp and a few campsites by the boat ramp that are left open and free to use. The weather was lovely...80 to 85 and sunny...perfect early fall days. There were actually quite a few people camping in the nice weather, mostly staying in RV's of some type. Simply lovely!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Junking...Finding a True Treasure.....

Hi Girlfriends, I stopped at a Garage Sale today...just being kinda nosy, this home just sold for $650,000. These people might have some good junk. Maybe, something might catch my eye.  There was not much there, because today was the last day. The people had some vintage silver plate for sale...this little creamer deserved a good look. Well, it was marked sterling silver and looked to be high quality...for $5. Yes, 5 Dollars....I thought the price was extremely low and purchased it. I thought that I might put pens in it...or something.

I took a good look at it later, and used my jewelers loop. I was very surprised! This item is a Tiffany and Co, 1938, Hamilton, sterling silver creamer. Wow! When I had a chance I looked online at for information. There currently two of these for sale on their website for between $370 - $499. Wow! This is great! I am going to see about selling it to them. You never know what you might come across at a garage sale....and I didn't play the lottery. LOL!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Still Canning Pears....

I wrote a blog post when I had picked the pear least 100 lbs of pears!
I have been home canning the pears as they ripen. I did not have any trouble keeping up with the ripe ones. Then...the rest of the pears all ripened at once. I have been canning 2 and 3 canner loads every day to meet my goal of 50 pint jars. The goal is at last in sight. I have only 5 empty pint jars left....and when those are goal is reached! Yesterday, I filled two boxes with really nice, ripe pears and gave them to friends to can. I am happy they went to good homes....ha,ha,ha.  But...there is more canning to do.....

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Vintage Travel Pennant - Moose Jaw, Canada

Today, I attended the once a year Coburg Antique Fair. It is a free event, located along the lovely streets of Coburg Oregon. A small town, and a large event. My fun purchase today is a vintage pennant. The Mountie called to me, and I needed this to put in Prairie Flower, my 1963 Aloha travel trailer. This is a wonderful addition, I don't think anyone else will have one. I currently have a newer Paris pennant, and I will put this one up in the same space. I got this for only $3...can I say wow. It went like this....I saw a pile of these, and most I didn't like, this one was on the bottom....the end.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Vintage Red Coleman Lantern from 1965

I went junking today. Today's treasure is a lantern from 1965. I love the rounded glass, and the fire engine red color, the red matches other vintage Coleman camping items I have. The era is perfect, and I am hoping that with a little work by me it will be operating. Truthfully, it seems in good condition...but there is a little rust to clean-up. I have not looked inside, or anything, ...but there is a good mantel in it. I must have been at the right place at the right time. This was only set out today, but it was on top of a display...not in the camping gear area. I checked it out with my phone, and I know that the $11 paid for it was a bargain. There are many Coleman lantern collectors, and an online community to find information. I already found the manual online. Coleman marked the lanterns clearly, so it is easy to know the month and year manufactured, and the model number.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Barlett Pear Harvest

I harvested the pears yesterday. A superb harvest, the best that our small tree has provided. Of course, the real heroes are the honey bees...without their pollination there would have been many fewer pears. The pears are a bit green when harvested, and I am finishing the ripening inside the house. If you are curious I estimate that there is about 100 lbs in this photo. I don't think that I will can all of these....just 50 pints or so. That sounds like plenty of work for me. Home canned pears are very superior to anything store produced! Trust me.

I thought that I had a breakthrough with the dog I am pet sitting.....then....I try to correct him and take something away from him. Oh...the growling and snarling at me. Wrong dog!  I did the same back to him, to show him I was the bigger dog. I ended the situation by putting him in time out, confinement in his kennel box. I think  that 2 hours or so will be good for him.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mental Health Day

Oh yeah, I need a mental health day....really................................
My story for today is about pets, and how they can make you crazy! Oh, and I am home alone with the little beasts.

1. I have a cat that is 18 1/2 years old, her health is failing, and I think that she has dementia. She follows me everywhere meowing as loud as she can, it is so stressful for me. She rarely eats any food that I purchase specially for attempt to get her to eat. All she wants is melted ice cream. I have stayed home all summer because this cat needs me. She vomits in the house, has liquid bowels, and pees outside the litter box. I am really at the end of my rope...I called the Vets office yesterday.....inquiring about you know what.

2. I am pet sitting Cappie, my kids dog, I got him Thursday for about the next two weeks. He is a handful, will not come to me, pees in the house, runs off, barks, bothers me non-stop, etc.... To top it off, I attempted to get a non-edible item from him and he snarled and snapped at me.  Bad move dog!

3. Today, I woke up at 4 am, with a splitting headache. I didn't want to get out of bed...because the cat and dog will start being a problem. Well, I still had the headache at 7 am when I got up. 

4. I had to feed the honeybees sugar syrup today. Several bees decided to chase me back into the shop and then inside the house. No stings!

Tomorrow will be better....Tomorrow will be better.... Tomorrow will be better....even if I just go sit in my car and take a nap.....

I need a good night's sleep.....really! This post is not a joke.