Friday, February 28, 2014

Viola Love

My life goes on while my brother is in the trauma unit at OHSU in Portland. Spring bulbs are growing and beginning to bloom here in Western Oregon. I have a particular love of the small Pansies, Viola's. There are many colors and varieties to choose your favorite. I really like the blue colors. This photo is not my flowers.............mine are still in the little trays from the store. I will be planting them over the weekend.  I will probably put the tiny plants in the pots into the greenhouse for a week or two...just to get them growing well, then I have to place them outside in a spot away from the deer. They will bloom for a long time, and if I keep them deadheaded.....they look full and compact in planters. It is time for you to give them a try, and they are so much better than primroses.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Humpdee Dumpdee Thing

via pinterest
I have been missing from my blog for a few days.  You brother fell off the roof of his garage.  His is in the trauma unit of the only regional trauma center in Oregon. The doctors say that they expect a full recovery. It is a miracle that he did not die, or have severe life threatening injuries, or life changing injuries. The many broken bones will heal, and he will not have surgery.

This is a big see, not just his accident...but, he is an extreme introvert. He has no significant other, no children, no really good friends. He has no support system, just mainly our sister. She is divorced and has no children or significant other....but she has many very close friends. This is a huge commitment to care for him...and she just did that for him 3 years ago after another accident. I don't know what the next 2 to 3 months will bring for his recovery.  I really hope that there are no complications, it has only been 3 days.........something might happen. I will write another post about the situation.............soon.

Humpdee Dumpdee had a great fall.........

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bluebirds by Norcrest

Life is pretty boring around here. Western Oregon is having a deluge of rain during this February. The rest of the USA is getting blizzards, one after the other. We are getting the liquid water. I think that we have received 17" of rain. Now, that would be seventeen feet of snow. I am so........over it. What is there to do in this tiny town.........go to the thrift store and junk store for entertainment. Well.........the story is I went to the junk store for the first time in 4 weeks. I found a few things to use for crafting, and this cute bank. My research revealed that it is a 1950-60's Norcrest, made in Japan ceramic.

I have seen these birds used on other items, from some blogs that I follow, and on Pinterest. They are each hand painted, and unique. I really have a hard time believing that they are for sale for over $50 on eBay. I would believe maybe $10-12. 

Well, I like birds...vintage ceramic ones. now has a place of honor on my studio windowsill.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Make Your Own Lip Balm

Photos from Etsy Blog

Here is a great idea for these winter days that keep us indoors and finding fun ways to enjoy the day. I have made these in the past. Here is a nice DIY tutorial for everyone. DIY Lip Balm

I think that these vintage containers are pretty....however you can use other containers that you can purchase. 

Monday, February 17, 2014


I find that this quote and pic are very lovely and want to share it with you.

I find myself that exploring my gentle and funny moments gives me a chance to enjoy them once again.

I am crafting a Christmas Songbook for the ukulele this week. I hope to show you the finished project soon. BTW, do you know how difficult it is to find Christmas clearance crafting items after Valentines Day???  Almost nothing to be had....................but alas, there were a few still hanging around!

Be the Queen of your own life!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Brave Girls Club Today

I am inspired by Melody Ross's post today on the Brave Girls Club website. She talked about receiving this gift and the way she uses it for her analogy about life's lessons.

I thought about the things that have been on my to-do list for a couple of months now. Things are getting done, bit-by-bit...over time. My list is growing shorter, but new things happen all the time. I think that is just how life is going to be for the several weeks. I can meet the time lines and due dates, and.............not make myself crazy!

I love the Brave Girls Club...............they are my tribe. Thank you. If you want to join there is no fee, there are fees for classes, camp, and retreats.

May you feel loved on this Valentine Day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

French Market Bags

They are not really french...but they are cute market bags. I need bags because the local govt has banned bags at know, ...the ones they put our purchases in. Now, we have to bring along bags. Let me tell you that hubby is really unhappy with that. He would not use these....LOL!

The gal that makes these uses pre-made canvas bags.  She hand stamps the bags with washable ink. Makes transfers to put on them, and then adds ruffles and fabric flowers. These bags are then sold for about $30. 

OK, I know that with some creative ideas...everyone could make these. You don't need a sewing machine. Iron-on adhesive, fabric glue, or some hand-stitching will work. Add your choice of decorations, and personalize to your hearts content. Got it, Yeah!

Or...........your could just buy the paper sacks for 5 cents each. Oh, and it's not working so well for the businesses....they have someone posted at the doors watching and checking everyone, because theft is so easy................

Monday, February 10, 2014

Vintage Mirrors

The local thrift store just got in their most recent stock shipment, and received some mirrors like these. There are lovely floral patterns, most of them are square on the bottom and round on the top. I looked them all over, some have minor scratches, and some have the mirror streaked and imperfect. I don't need them, however some would look very nice in the guest bathroom, and bedroom. I think that mirrors would work well on the backs of shelves, reflecting the light...and the vintage  McCoy that I have collected. I found this photo on Pinterest, this is a great way to use these pretty! Hum........well, it is a week before they go to the half price sale. I have time to think about it.

BTW, The clothes dryer is ready to come home...yeah! Hubby can have clean clothes.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Well Girls...I have a problem....the clothing dryer is in the shop for repair. I have not done laundry in a week. Hubby is going thru his everyday clothes like it's not gone. He is now wearing some very old things, with rips in the legs. I told him yesterday that he is going to have to get into his camo hunting clothing soon. We really have plenty of clothes... I know we do.
I will send him to the laundry mat if he continues...we don't know when it will be repaired (they had to have parts sent here).  If it were summer, we could use the clothesline outdoors. I have an indoor drying rack, but it will take days to dry jeans on it. I am pretty calm about it, I will make my clean things last.  Maybe he can hang a rope in the shop, then hang his stuff to dry, while it is snowing and freezing outdoors.....LOL! Really....hum....what is he thinking...that his clothes will magically be clean?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Art of Redo - A Small Side Table

When the weather allows this winter, I get a few outdoor projects completed. While I am juggling so many things at home...a long list of things...!

OK, I found another fix it up project at the local thrift store, for under $5. It is well made, maybe from the 60's or 70's. This small side table (about 15" x 10") is just right to use outside during the summer...and it is small enough to take camping. I can set up a chair, sun umbrella, and this little table. 

This table was rusty around the top, and the top was very dirty, it was scraped up and yucky. However, the top is removable, and I took it apart. The project was pretty easy. A good cleanup, rust removal, and repainted with black paint...  The top required more work...I used a piece of outdoor fabric over the original top, glued down, and top coated with clear lacquer. I have used this fabric on other items for my trailer. My chair is red, and the umbrella is red with white trim. It works for me.

I can envision a wonderful trip to a high mountain lake, sitting by the shore, and watching the fly fishermen, and kayaks on the lake. Lovely!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cinnamon Rolls in the Waffle Iron

How about making great things in a waffle iron. I have heard about making store bought rolled cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron.  There are many things that you can make, including hash brown potatoes.  I found this on Pinterest, the link is 10 Genius Ways to Use a Waffle Iron

I think about when it is too hot to turn on your oven, or to have some fun...think about kids! Try this!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From Scratch Magazine

Hi Girl Friends, today I want to share with you a free online magazine, From Scratch Magazine.  How about that...are you surprised? Pretty Terrific!!
Here is the link From Scratch Magazine

I am still handling all the things that keep popping up around here. Keep Calm and make a list, organize by urgency, and time to get it done. Hubby is going on an extreme weight loss diet again, and that is a not a good thing for me. His behavior goes south and is not good again for a very long time. It is kinda funny how the complete lack of carbs and sugar can affect the brain and personality. Negatively!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chicken Pot Pie...So Good!

This is another wonderful recipe from The Pioneer Woman. I have her first cookbook, and this is in her comfort food recipes.  I have made it three times and we really love it. Just follow her instructions online or in her book. Here is the online link Chicken Pot Pie. This recipe makes enough for four guys. I thicken mine a little it is hearty...and good for a cold weather meal, Yummy!!