Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hydro Flask

This post is actually a product recommendation by me. These were invented by a man from Bend Oregon. No one in the USA could manufacture these, so they are made in China. There are many colors and different sizes available. I am so very impressed with the ones that I have. They are wonderful for outdoor activities, and to take with you in the car.  The good thing is that Dicks Sporting Goods has a great sale going on, 25% off. I think that the superior product is worth the higher price. All you campers out there...think about it. They are a great gift idea for the outdoor person in your life.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hints of the Holiday Decor

I took these photos to give you a little hint of my ideas for holiday decor. A little shiny, sparkly, and nature used together.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Crafting Idea with a Nativity Set - Part 2

I have been looking for an inexpensive Nativity Set that feels right for my crafting project. I was about to give up, when I found this 5 piece set at the thrift store. The items were all separated on the shelves. I found the Mary and thought, this will work for my idea.  I think that these items that will work very well. I like the finish and will not change it.

This is my inspiration from Pinterest.  I will use this idea loosely as I decorate for Christmas with the found Nativity Set.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Unleash Your Joy

Kelly Rae Roberts Artwork
I love the art of Kelly Rae Roberts, she is an Oregon artist. I met her at the Brave Girls Symposium last July. She is a really fun and inventive artist.

I was very surprised and happy today when I found this 8" x 12" art print. I put it right beside the small television in my studio. This makes 3 of her prints in my collection...all found at thrift stores. I sometimes put my own additions on the prints, a glittery stone, a bit of old broken jewelry...something special to me. I think that I might add some kind of addition to the angel wings, on this print.

I am very grateful for my daughter and her hubby coming for the holiday weekend. They are important to me, and I love to have them stay with us.

I have been feeling very good since I stopped taking Lisinopril. I will see my Dr on Monday, to talk about the medicine.

Friday, November 25, 2016

You are going to be okay

I love this book by Melody Ross. I hope that you like it! I have to listen to her reading the book sometimes....just to remind myself that I am going to be okay......I am kinda havin' a couple of challenging weeks here.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

I have much to be thankful and grateful for in my life. My hope for you is a peaceful and good day this season.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vintage Thanksgiving Turkeys

Not my collection.....

Oh my, I have collected small vintage turkeys for quite a few years now. Where are they? I hope that they will show up in a storage box soon. (Sad face.)

Monday, November 21, 2016

I am stressed recently, and found this from the Mayo Clinic

Top 10 stress-relieving tips 

Improve your quality of life and stress less with these effective ideas. It's a fact of life: Everyone experiences stress. But when it goes unmanaged, daily stress can harm your health and reduce your quality of life. Fortunately, stress doesn't have to overcome or overwhelm you. Gain control and live better with these stress-reducing suggestions.

Make a list. Write a to-do list, breaking down tasks into smaller steps. Prioritize the items and tackle them one at a time.

Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet. Avoid — or limit — alcohol and caffeine.

Set realistic goals. Don't expect perfection from projects or people — including yourself. Mind your schedule.

Don't take on too many responsibilities or agree to attend too many social events. If you're overwhelmed, eliminate some obligations or share the work.

Talk it out. Call on the support and guidance of good friends and family.

Exercise regularly. Thirty minutes of physical activity a day can help fight stress.

Set aside time every day for stress management. Meditation, deep-breathing exercises, yoga and guided imagery are all good techniques to try.

Have fun. Spend time each day doing a hobby or other activity that you enjoy.

Resolve conflicts. Work toward repairing — or coming to terms with — any broken or difficult relationships.

Visualize success. Imagine how difficult situations might be resolved in a less stressful way.

By managing — and reducing — the stress in your life, you can make better, healthier decisions and improve your overall wellness.

From the Mayo Clinic

Update-  My doctor put me on Lisinopril recently, and when I checked the side effects online. I found out that this medicine may have caused my stressed out symptoms. I must go see her after this week.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Good Friend is Hitting the Road Fulltime

I have a good friend who is moving away, and beginning a new life on the road. Everything is happening very fast. She found out that her rental home was being sold just last September. She thought that it would take a year to sell took 2 weeks. She has to be out of the house by Dec 15th. She has had a hard time deciding her future...she is young enough that she should be in the workforce...and she has spent her life savings. That is a challenge! She must find some paying work....that is not going to happen here. Remember I wrote about a problem with no economy, and no work here.

She found a used trailer that she purchased...but it is Houston Texas. What? I said? Do you know how far that is? She does and has her plans made. She will start her new life by storing most of her belongings. Going to Texas to get her trailer, and spend the next year or more traveling and visiting friends around the southern USA. Brave? Yes. Risky? Yes. I wish her well, and that her decision is going to work out for her. Will I miss her? Yes, very much.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Vintage Turkey Platters

This Vintage Turkey Platter was made in the USA, about 1950.

This Vintage Turkey Platter was made in Japan, about 1960.

I found these 2 platters the last 2 years. They came from thrift stores, found at different places and different times. The prices were very affordable. I think that it is great to use these. My tip to find these, go to the stores when they first put out the holiday stuff. I just stalk the stores to get the good stuff. You never know what you may come across.

At the present time I am stalking the stores for vintage Christmas, especially for the "right" vintage things. I am being very focused on unique, special things. Things that can be used all year around are a vintage hanging crystals, stars, birds, pearls, and hearts.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stay Strong Dear Ones

I live in the state of Oregon. The violent riots that have happened in Portland are a disgrace to our state. There are professional anarchists that thrive in Portland Oregon. The Oregon vote was slightly higher for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump...all our electoral votes go the Clinton. 

There are many people here in rural Oregon, who live a miserable life, a life of poverty, with poor education, and no chance for a decent job or life. We are also the middle class who is paying taxes. Do you know that 130 million people in the USA pay federal taxes...and 114 million people in the USA do not pay tax and receive free dole from the government. 

I live in a miserable rural small town, Oakridge, I see the able bodied 20 yr old's idle, with no jobs and no future. I see the old people in stark poverty, the children who wear rags and only have good food at school. We need a better economy, and good jobs. Living a life of poverty is a terrible thing. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This is History...

I know that many of you are in despair, desperate, worried, and very sad about the Presidential election yesterday. Take Heart Dear Ones. Everyone has this experience, sooner or later, your personal favorite candidate will lose. It breaks your heart, and sends you into a tail spin. We live in a nation that allows free and open elections, that in itself is a blessing. This country will move forward, and I believe that the future is good. You may not see the possibilities, but try to be happy for your life in the USA. We are a great nation!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Make America Great Again!!!!

I am so proud of our voters! We will be better for this election!!!!
I am so happy to be able to live to see this night!

I am so hopeful for the future of the USA, I am a proud patriot!!!~!!!~!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hunting and Gathering Wild Mushrooms

We are having several nice, sunny, days this week. It is wonderful after the wettest October in 57 years. Hubby and I spent about 3 hours looking for wild mushrooms. There were many varieties of mushrooms that I noticed during my walks into the woods. I was stalking the wild Chanterelle, that is shown in this pic. My free, personal use mushroom permit allows me to harvest up to 20 gallons of mushroom's. I think that I got about 2 gallons. I will use some to prepare a wonderful recipe for Cream of Chanterelle soup. So....delicious! The rest will be sliced and dried. The mushrooms reconstitute very well. I try to get enough dried for 3 - 2 quart canning jars.

This website tells more about harvesting these mushrooms.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Getting Older and Wiser

"Beautiful friend. Try not to wish your years away, wishing you were younger, wishing the signs of aging away.

The world needs more women who embrace their wrinkles and who know the power of wisdom gained from many years of being alive, and who are absolutely comfortable in their skin. The world needs more women who sing through life's winters, who dance even though their bodies jiggle, who count the laugh lines as decades of wonderful memories.

We are women. We are brave. We are beautiful and real.

Let's be happy exactly where we are.

When we can adore every phase of our own life, we give each other encouragement to do the same."

Brave Girls Club Message

I like this quote, it is personal to me. I am an optimist, I love what I am doing. Yes, some days are harder than others...I keeping doing what I love...and preserve. My years as a wise woman are good. I hope to have many more years to come.