Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slip Shorts DIY

I have been looking for a product like these shorts for several months. I am convinced that anything like this is not being made. I came across this photo, and wow...I had to blog about it. These look so soft and comfortable. There are times when I want to wear a silky short for underwear. In fact, I have a pattern and some fabric, and lace, but haven't gotten around to it. I have so many projects to make...I must really get with it!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

This is our Black Labrador Retriever...Radar, named after the MASH show character. He is now 4 years old, an still a very energetic wild thing. I have been taking it easy from the second cancer removal on my right hand. I go back on August 1st, and I hope to be released by my wonderful derm, Dr Diane Baird. I have been under her care for 15 years. I am ever watchful, and very happy that I had this taken care of - invasive, well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. I had a rapid growing tumor. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Truth that I Live.

This vintage photo is great. I believe that this woman is living a brave, and strong life. I see it in her eyes; determination, strength, self-esteem and loving her life.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glamour Farmgirl from Yesteryear

I just love this vintage 1937 cover. Deep during the Depression she makes growing her own food look so great...check out her shoes! Meanwhile in 2012, I am wearing a big hat, sunglasses, long sleeves, sunscreen, practical footwear, and gloves. I have a large bottle of my own well water with me, a pocket knife, trowel, harvest basket, and phone. I am thinking that many of today's gardening gals are the same. How's your garden doing?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dirt Diva - That's Me!!

Wearing a Dirt Diva Crown
What am I up to - you wonder? Just playing on my computer with cell phone pictures. This photo was taken about 3 months ago, when I visited Monticello in Portland. The Garden Show was in full swing at that time. I just could not resist playing with this crown made with chicken wire. It says Dirt Diva across the front. Really cute!! Maybe I should change my blog photo to this one. Hum...

Today, I found a way to get the photos off my old style cell phone, to my computer. My daughter has a smart phone...so I sent it to her, and she emailed it to me. I then used Picmonkey.com to crop, and fix the photo so that looks nice. The reason behind all this...I need some good photos of myself for Brave Girl Camp. I am going to a fall session!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

South Ice Caves in Central Oregon

Hubby and I went on a short camping trip this week, to Central Oregon. I thought that it would be interesting to do some exploring into places that we have not been. A short day drive from the campground, to the eastern Deschutes National Forest, Fort Rock Ranger District. There wasn't much of a plan...just to go east from the town of La Pine. We drove out Forest Rd 20, a nicely paved road with no other traffic. (We saw 2 govt trucks, and 2 private trucks.) After about 10 miles...we came to a road junction with signs. The only place it directed to was South Ice Caves....so, OK let's go. The caves are beside the road about 25 miles east of La Pine. Interesting, hum. There is a trail to the cave entrances, and the caves are open to explore. Inside the cave entrances we found the air temp to be under 40 degrees. NO exploring into the caves...are you kidding me...no way! These caves are lava tubes, and can be quite long, and there often is ice inside them. I will leave that to the cavers.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lavender is Blooming!

My lavender plants are starting to bloom. I do not have a field of lavender like this photo. I have about 10 plants. Deer do not eat lavender, it grows well, and dries well. I love the fragrance and color. I recommend this plant for anyone who has deer problems. Deer hate it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crafting with Old Bracelets

I found this idea online. She took an old metal bracelet and spray painted it Turquoise. This remade bracelet styled with the coral colored beads is fun and funky. I have something to make over. I have several colors of spray paint that I can use. I think that a long necklace of beads can be restrung on elastic for the other bracelets. The metal cuff shown below is covered with Mod Podge with a stamped vintage book page. I am thinking about layering several layers on a metal cuff, fabric, lace, old findings, stamped paper, and other odds and ends. Sounds crazy? Well, I am still working on the idea...........not formed in my head yet. However, I do have a color theme idea. Green and Yellow, for my school, University of Oregon, the Ducks. I will use the school colors, but in a sophisticated adult way... a funky, vintage, unique, and lovely way. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY Cake Stand or Jewelry Stand, or ???

Have you ever seen these fun cake stands?... and they can have so many uses. Let's see, desktop organizer, spice stand, fruit stand, candle holder, jewelry organizer, and many other ideas. I think that it can be used for a unique table centerpiece.

My daughter, Nicole, was home for the weekend and we made some of these stands. I like using candle sticks that have a good flat surface, and vintage plates. I love-like this idea in the photo using silver plated items. I find the glass parts for very little cash at thrift stores, or other sales. Silver costs more, so I am not making them at this time. I want to find a glass dome or two, for food items...dessert or?

I am making some to display my homemade soaps, and other items at the next Vintage Sale. I want to keep the costs low, and therefore I will sell them at a reasonable price. I am keeping my cost at $3 each, to sell at $5 each, this is just a trial to see what happens.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Blueberry Upside Down Cake

One of the Blogs that I follow is a Dutch Oven Cooking Blog, Everyday Dutch Oven. He just posted about making this cake in a dutch oven. It looks very good, and I am always looking for more good recipes. I like to surprise everyone with new ideas and good food. This is a Martha Stewart recipe. Martha Stewart Blueberry Upside Down Cake

I plan to make this yummy cake as soon as I can. I have great expectations for this recipe.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

To Follow Your Heart

Art by Mae Chevrette
This artist Mae Chevrette uses mixed media to create artwork with heart, quotes that inspire. This piece is a quote from Steve Jobs. 

Maybe some of you get committed to a path that is not right for you, and your heart knows it. Something happens...life, making a living, children, families...you know there are many diversions. We don't follow our hearts, and there is a sense of regret at some time. For myself, I knew before I graduated with a Bachelor degree from the University...that I truly had made a mistake in my education. In my case, I did not want to spend another 3 years to graduate. I needed to be on my own, at that time. My decision was the right one for me, truly. Yes, I did not work in that occupation, Landscape Architect. I love growing things as my hobby, to satisfy my interests.

I have become almost everything I have wanted, and followed the paths that worked for me. I made decisions that were difficult, with my career. It is not an easy thing to have a career in a field, forestry, that is full of men. A few, brave women have done this...we supported each other and learned how to deal with so much. Some of my women cohorts climbed the ladder to great success, and I am proud to say I am their friend from long ago. There were women who left their careers to take another direction, and I am equally proud of their decisions. I think that women are able to follow their right path much better than men. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

About Peace...Not Always Easy

I had a difficult day (week) and must put everything into perspective. I am angry, but I am cooling off. We are bickering all the time, due to the activities on the farm and my cancer diagnosis. I am making a choice to calm myself, and I am taking a day for myself. I am drinking a little wine, having some dark chocolate, and getting a good nights sleep. This time Friday night, I will be OK.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skin Cancer, A Serious Subject

I don't want to scare anyone with this serious subject. Today, I have just been diagnosed with another skin cancer. The last 30 days I noticed a a raised red bump on the back of my right hand. The size? About the size of a pencil eraser, a bit sensitive and growing quickly. I have had many pre-cancerous spots removed with cryo-surgically (frozen) from the backs of both hands...and don't remember if this spot was one before. OK, it was removed in the office and I have 3 stitches. I am certainly happy that I took action very quickly and will only have a tiny scar left. These things can grow into horrible lesions and will be deadly. Please...watch your skin. The name of this - Squamous Cell Skin Cancer.

Yummy, Strawberry Marmalade

I wrote about the Strawberry Marmalade recipe in the new Taste of Home Canning Magazine. I made it yesterday, and wow, it came out so good! Delicious, my hubby loved it on toast. Let me tell you, what a special thing to make. If I am invited to someones home for dinner, and bring this to my hosts...they will love it! I am making another batch to have on hand for the holidays. Here is the same recipe that is posted on their website www.tasteofhome.com this recipe was originally published in a 1994 Country Extra.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Help for Arthritis - Triple Flex

I just want to share a product that is really helping me. I have 3 joints in my fingers that have arthritis, swollen and painful. I have tried using aspercreme on the joints...with only slight success. I do not want to take an anti-inflammatory. I started taking Triple Flex and Flax seed Oil daily. Wow, it has made a tremendous difference for me. The pain and swelling are so much better. Really! I recommend Triple Flex because it is helping me. The $35 for a bottle with 2 month supply is OK with me.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mary Jane's Farm Magazine

Just arrived, the August - September issue of Mary Jane's Farm Magazine. There is an article on pages 56-60, Every Apron has a Story. The photos are great as is the story of creating aprons from vintage textiles, lace, crochet, and embroidery. I love how the aprons look. I have made cute aprons for our vintage sales...however, no one even looked at my aprons at the last sale. I don't think that I will put them out the next time. Wrong customers for this fun stuff. She has a short feature article about the next book, Glamping. She is following the recent interest in fixing up old travel trailers into cute play things for adult women. Sisters on the Fly are really the ones starting this hobby.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Taste of Home Canning & Preserving Magazine 2012

Look at what I found in the Safeway magazine rack today! I am excited to try some of the unique recipes. There are interesting drying and gift ideas too. Tomorrow, I am going to make a Strawberry Marmalade recipe from the magazine.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Ultimate Craft Studio

This photo came from Pinterest...quite the space isn't it. My own studio is pretty crowded like this one. I am having trouble with my organization. My room is a bedroom, average sized with a nice large window facing north. The light is very nice, and when it is hot outside...this is the best room in the house. The problem is that I am having trouble finding things, and I just lose things all the time. Today, I took apart an old earring to use on a project...well, I put it down and left the room for 5 minutes....when I came back to finish it, I just could not find it. Frustrating! Upsetting! Then I start looking for it....well, you can imagine.  Maybe, it is in the garbage can? On the floor? Under something else? Ugh!!

update- I did find it the next day, under something on the floor. Who would guess!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beargrass, a Wildflower

Here in the Oregon Cascade Mountains, there are large high elevation meadows that are covered with Beargrass. The very first time I saw a large meadow such as this one covered with the flowers...I was awestruck. Spring has once again come to the high elevations, and the wild rhododendron is blooming. Soon, all the wildflowers will be out...for about 6 weeks. It is beautiful to see...if you can handle the biting insects. Truly amazing!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Healing Gems? Peridot

I received a Peridot ring from my hubby last Christmas. Well, I selected the ring for him. I don't know why I picked it...the color and beauty of the green gem...with small diamonds around it. The ring looked so pretty on my hand. Sorta similar to this one in the photo. Yesterday, I decided to research care of the gemstone. I found that this stone is one of gems that requires careful care. Good to know, otherwise I might not treat it carefully as I should.

I found that there are interesting other things to know about gemstones. They each have qualities, including mystical, healing, and magical properties.

The Peridot reduces stress, stimulates the mind, and amplifies intuitive awareness. It is commonly used to treat emotional states such as anger, jealousy, and irritation. It's color, as well as the stone, inspires healing, renewal, purification, rebirth and growth. It has the power to heal hurt feelings, and mend damaged relationships. It has been mined for over 3500 years.

Strange as it seems...I have a personal relationship that gives me so much irritation and anger as a primary problem for a long time. I hope that it might help the arthritis in my ring finger (where I wear it). I do know that there is much power in positive thinking and I sure practice that with my thoughts and prayers. Hey, everything helps...right!

I don't to believe any of this for sure, however it is something to think about.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Farmgirl and her Flowers

What a fun Photo! She must be a Farmgirl! Don't ya think?
There is not much going on around here, just waiting for the spring rain to stop so that we can cut our grass hay. Any normal year..we would have the barn stuffed with all the hay it will hold before July 1st. The rest of the US is on fire and burning, or so hot that it is burning up the hay and crops. Here we are...still spring like 75 degrees and raining in the Pacific NW, on the west side.