Thursday, February 28, 2013

Personalize a Pillow

Here are some ideas to personalize a pillow, instead of trying to find a unique one. I recently purchased a new Pottery Barn striped pillow at a thrift store. I thought that with some creativity, the pillow will be for Prairie Flower (my trailer). I plan to applique some flowers on it, and maybe a word. I will be able to sew it on, and use a little embroidery to accent the flowers.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vintage Kitchen Aid Mixer

I think this is an old advertisement for mixers (without the words). My mother and grandmother both had one of these Kitchen Aid Mixers. They are workhorses, and last forever. I learned to make cookies and cakes with one just like the photo. I am fortunate to have my grandmother's mixer. It is still in good working order...with the large white bowl. However, I am usually happy to pull out a new Kitchen Aid hand held model. Fast and easy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life's Journey

This artwork is by Kelly Rae Roberts, is her website to sell a wide array of artwork. I have one small bit of wall art by Kelly. I like the special girl figures and the words. I like this bird, and I am going to replicate the idea with my own interpretation of a bird, on 5" x 5" canvas. Then it will have a place of honor in the Aloha to cover a small hole on the front of a overhead cabinet (former light).

Monday, February 25, 2013

Inside the 1963 Aloha Trailer - Before Photos

Here is your photo tour of a very small 1963, 50 year old Aloha. The door is in the back. You enter into this kitchen, pretty much all it is. A sink, working trailer stove, and the really nice original Formica counter top.

Directly on your right is a built-in dresser, and then the table and benches. The Formica is the same, and in excellent condition. The upholstery is a light butter yellow vinyl. I like the dresser, my clothing will fit right in there...instead of packing a duffle.

This is looking directly toward the front. The kiddie bunk is going to used for extra storage, a down comforter, blankets, pillows, musical instruments, and hats. I will have the bed made up most of the time. When the bed is made, there is room underneath for storage during travel, maybe for a folding chair and table. (A small bistro set.) I took the table down and am currently storing it on the bunk right now...there is more space to move around. There is storage area under both the benches, and outside doors to them. That is good because the battery to run the lights is under the left side bench. I will be able to remove it and charge it if needed.

Here is the final corner, this door is right beside the stove, a tiny closet. The electric only refrigerator that is a replacement for the original does work. Directly under the refrigerator is a tiny round hot water tank, something that might have been used in a house. The water lines run along the floor, from the water heater thru the closet and to the sink. Fortunately, the copper lines are exposed...and I can remove them. When the water heater is gone...there will be additional storage. I am thinking that a small microwave would be nice...something that I will take along when there are electric hook-ups.

The last owner had the curtains made, and she gave me all the extra fabric. I am going to keep them for now, even if the fabric is faded a little.  As you can has potential, and is in good shape. I am thinking of naming her Prairie Flower. Oh, and BTW the trailer has stopped leaking water! Good.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Glamper For Me

1963 Aloha Travel Trailer

This really small cutie is 13 feet long, from the hitch to the rear bumper. It features a rear kitchen, a front table that makes into a bed, and the overhead bunk for the kiddies. They also made this model without the overhead bunk.

There is a small window in the rear kitchen. Unfortunately this corner is a problem. She said that it has no leaks...I did not see any. I have had it home and in the shop for a week. It was very frozen from the cold climate near Bend...and now it is thawing out. This corner is draining water to the outside. Well, that said...she did tell me that the copper water lines had splits in them and needed to be replaced. If there was frozen water in the lines...that explains it. The area under the water lines is wet. Yesterday I put a small space heater inside to warm it, and dry it...the windows have water on the inside of them now. Oh Boy. Last night I thought that the heater maybe a mistake, what if the electric lines short...then the whole shop and everything burns. At midnight, I went out in the snow to unplug the trailer.

The trailer does not have a fresh water tank, or grey water holding tank. That is good...I don't need to be concerned with tanks. There is a tiny hot water heater, underneath the refrigerator. My thoughts are to take out all the copper lines...and the old hot water heater. I will then install a single water line from the fresh water cap to the sink...and call that good. See those 2 lines on the back of the trailer, one for a water connection, and one for the sink drain...close. Then I make sure that the sink drains directly to the outdoors...where I will use a container for the grey water. Those two things are very close together, I will slope the expandable plastic water line to the exterior for complete draining, and then the water line worries are over. Yay!

They are parked side by side, in the metal shop. The Terry goes all the way to the back wall.  The Aloha has  farm equipment (a large square hay baler), and riding lawn mower behind it.

Another post will show the interior. To come!

Farmgirl Glamping and Sisters on the Fly, here I come!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Go Forth and Be Amazing

We all need to remember to be brave and this will bring you to places, friends, and activities to love.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Fireplace is Working

Finally, the fireplace wood stove insert is completed and we are using it. This is an actual photo of my home, the rough rock fireplace that is really rustic. The bottom of the insert is on a rock bench across the front of the fireplace, not on the floor. I want to have a custom mantel made to put above the rock vents. A friend is a professional carpenter, and we will ask him to craft it. A large rustic mantel that will look perfect in the lodge style living room. The rock goes higher than seen in this photo. I normally hang a large seasonally appropriate artificial wreath in the center.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ree's Perfect Potato Soup

I will tell you right now that I love a really good potato soup. Ree Drummond has shared her recipe, and it is really good. Here's the link She does a great job of photography and teaching. I enjoy the step by step way she shares her recipe.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mod Podge Your Suitcase

Here is a fun winter crafting idea. This is pretty easy, and will give you a great result right away. I started with a suitcase in a color that I like, make sure that the inside is good. Get enough fabric to cover both sides, and a bottle of Mod Podge Fabric formula.

Put some plastic on your table surface to protect it, then brush the Mod Podge all over the fabric (precut it a bit larger than what you will need). After the fabric is completely dry, adhere it to your suitcase with Mod Podge applied directly to the suitcase, and add a coat over the top. Trim to fit, and do a final touch up to secure with Mod Podge. Have fun, and get creative.

This suitcase is just the right size for a laptop, and a Nook. I added a notebook, magazines, pen, etc, for travel. Love it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Valentine from Brave Girls Club

Brave Girls Club is sharing this Valentine pattern for free. I think that it is really cute.............!!!

Lovely Cottage

This lovely photo is from a blog by a gal that I follow. She takes wonderful photos, and I love her blog. See this entire post ...Cabin & Cottage. I hope that you find her blog very visual and fun.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Angels Among Us

Angels among interesting thought. I don't know...although I want to believe it. I want to have a guardian angel. I hope I do, it is a comforting feeling.

Friday, February 8, 2013

More Junking...White Shoulders

I think that this movie started the fragrance line, White Shoulders.

This is a very pretty advertisement...1930's....

Here's the post. I went junking again, no surprise there. A local small-town fund raiser, I was there later in the day... long after it had been picked. That said, I did make a few finds, and $1 later I was done. My best purchase was this 1950-60's White Shoulders Powder Box. Pink plastic with a lovely patterned lid, full of smell-less powder and a puff. The box is in perfect condition and I really liked it.

This is so pretty!

Maybe you can see why I like it so much. I think that I will use it in my vintage travel trailer, to store some small things. I want to add that I remember back in the early 70' college, the sorority mother remarked that she like this scent...we gave her some as a gift. It's kinda funny what stuff I remember.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Hubby and I decided to replace the ancient 1980 fireplace wood insert that has been in the house. It is very large, ugly, and didn't work much (no heat). It is true that we replaced an ancient heat pump a few years ago. However, our electric bill is $190 a month, year around. The heat pump is set at 64 degrees, and 56 at night... just imagine the bill if we had 68-70 degrees. This photo is not of our home, it is just a manufacturer's advertisement. It is the style of fireplace insert that we determined to purchase. I like it because it just looks like a nice fireplace door, not like a wood stove.I am looking forward to the radiant heat of a fire. There is still plenty of cold weather left this year to enjoy a fire.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Making a Satin Pillow Case

I have found that sleeping on a satin pillowcase is very nice. My hair stays very nice, because it doesn't get tangled and there is no breakage to notice. My main problem is that finding a satin pillowcase in the color and details like lace is impossible. My decision is to make my own. I use a 50% coupon at Joann's for the fabric, and the cost is very low. Directions can be found here I highly recommend creating your own. I made a new one today...and I am looking forward to using it tonight.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hum....A 1963 Aloha...Restored!

I found it...a restored trailer! Nearby, only 2 hours from here, near Bend. When the mountain pass is in good condition, and I have the registration renewed...It will be brought home. Coming soon, more pixs! An Oregon manufactured travel trailer, who woulda guessed. It is hard to believe that I found one, it might have taken months. A gal got it from a restorer, had it 2 years and used it 3 times. I am going to use it! You can bet! I am so excited!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Junking for 1950's BQQ Trays

I found one of these trays about 10-12 years ago. They are large, 19 inches across. There are 7 different designs, some round and some square. Very 1950's! I have mine on the wall beside the kitchen door. A magazine has a feature about these trays this month. I found another at Goodwill, for $2. It will be joining the other one on my wall.

My internet search had some interesting facts. The artist was Marcelline Stoyke, and her hubby was the model. Some sellers are listing these for up to $45. Crazy...I don't think they sell for that much. Very fun!

Friday, February 1, 2013

I Love to Bake!

I love to bake, however I don't do much anymore. We just can't take all the calories. My Daughter told me about this blog. Sally's Baking Addiction   I was very intrigued, and looked at it. She is baking the most amazing food, and shares great baking tips. Here are some photos from her blog. She generously shares her recipes on the blog. Thank you Nicole, for directing me to this blog!!  Happy Baking!!!