Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Forward to 2014

I think that the new year 2014 is going to be great. I am in a good place, and have my tribe around me...supporting me. There are several camping trips planned with Camptown Girls. Although I have Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, the Vitamin D and a light box are helping a great deal. I make sure to get out on sunny days to get the real thing. I am staying warm and have many crafting projects, reading, and ukulele practice to distract me. 
Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Thank You to My Followers

Dirt Diva Crown

I started this blog exactly 4 years ago...today. It was an act of faith for me, to do something new and out of the box.  A growth experience for me and a way to express ideas and start "finding my way".  No one knows what lies ahead of them, and it is a bit scary to reinvent your life. To become the family elders, to have your children let go, to work at a long time marriage, and to find your tribe.

I am happy that you follow this blog, High Prairie Farmgirl. I hope that you "get" me. May we meet under the Red Tent sometime...my friends.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


The weather here on the farm is wonderful, clear, sunny, and 50 degrees. When we go to the city, that is an hour away and about 2000' lower in elevation............guess what?  It is cold and very foggy!  I detest it!

That said....sometimes there is a need for food and supplies....and that means the town trip because everything costs so much in this rural area.

At least the winter is better than the NE USA is having...a week without electricity in the very cold is terrible.  That said...we are stilling dealing with repairs to the house with the frozen and burst pipes.

BTW, I know some people in east/central Oregon...who left their home without heat for a week...when they got home the toilet was frozen solid!! You know how cold it is to freeze one inside a house? Burrrrrrrrrrrr
I imagine that all the pipes were frozen also, talk about a big mistake.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Enjoy your Holiday!

May this Christmas Day bring you good tidings, good health, and good things.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Robins Christmas Eve

Tis a beautiful Christmas Eve, no storm,
the weather is sunny and warm.
The highways are clear of snow and ice.
The tree is decorated so very nice.

The cattle are busy eating their hay,
and the bee hive is warm where they stay.
The dog is enjoying his romp,
and finally, there is no snow to stomp.

Peaceful and warm, feeling so good.
There are many robins out in the hood.

The earthworms offer up food,
and some birdseed, so good.

Cookies, candy and good things to eat,
oh my, oh my,  a really big treat.

Father and I in our warm winter caps,
keep listening for the tap-tap-taps.

May you and your loved ones,
enjoy some good winter fun.

I don't know what got into me...to write a bit of poetry today, Have a great Christmas Eve.

Monday, December 23, 2013

An Early Christmas Gathering

An early Christmas this year. My daughter and hubby found out at the last minute that they could make a trip to High Prairie Farm, over the weekend. I got the tree decorated a few hours before their arrival. We had a fun time together. Now they are off to see son-in-law's family. They live about 2 1/2 hours from here...over the Cascade Mountains to central Oregon. I hope that they enjoy the visit. It can be difficult to go to central Oregon during the winter, the mountain passes are often a challenge to travel. No one I know likes to chain-up their tires, and white-knuckle driving...that said, it is raining over the pass right now. Driving today will be OK. 

A little off the subject..but I just wanted to relay this conversation I had at Brave Girls Camp in November. I was talking with someone about driving over the mountain passes to reach Boise. Another gal overheard me talking and said "It's flat over the mountains, right?" I thought where is she from...somewhere where there are no mountains..... Although pretty absurd, I just told her that the passes were curvy, and up and down.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice

Today is Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. That is the shortest day of the year. I really dislike the short days, they make me feel terrible. The best thing about today is that the days will start getting longer...Hurrah! There will be a wonderful fire in the fireplace, and libations with treats. If I can't be in a nice, warm, sunny place..............then this is the best! To relax with my family around me, in a special place in my home.

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Sewing Project - Coffee Cuffs/Sleeves

Do you know someone with a serious coffee habit...and is always stopping by a coffee stand or Starbucks?  Here is a neat project for a gift for yourself or a friend. Sew a Coffee Cuff (Sleeve). Yes, it is easy, and here is a tutorial that shows how to do it. One Crafty Home

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fun Craft Project - Candle Cups

I saw this fun project in one of those really expensive magazines today at B & N.  You don't need to go purchase a bunch of supplies, that is good. These are put together by reusing bottles (the kinds we all recycle), filling them with your own goodies, and attaching a votive candle holder on the top. A really cute idea to make for yourself or someone for a gift.

She used the votive candle cups that fit into a standard candle sticks, shells, or something that adds weight to the jar (so the don't easily fall over).

Brilliant idea, and you still have a little time to make some for Christmas.

I need to tell you my story about magazines. Last year...about 13 months ago, I decided to go on a "magazine diet". It is crazy how much these cost, and it really adds up. It is too bad that I cannot read these at the library. So, sometimes I flip through them at B & N. I might take a pic or two.  My results from the magazine diet are good. I have saved myself from spending much on the eye candy....and I don't feel the need to keep them (of course I don't have any to keep and clutter up my life).  The result is very good for me! I am happy, and I don't feel deprived.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tickleberry Farm has a New Glamper

via Tickleberry Farm Blog

Maybe you are like me....and love to see how gals have fixed up their vintage trailers. These are the first photos I have seen from Tickleberry Farm's new to her trailer (and they are blurry...sorry). Here is a link for you...Tickleberry Farm

Thursday, December 12, 2013

It s Finally Warming!

We aren't actually having a heat wave, however - this polar air flow is moving off the west coast. Yes, after a week of abnormally low temperatures, it seems that life will get back to normal. That is, except for dealing with repairs to our house that had frozen pipes burst. That work is going to take awhile.... Right now it is 36 degrees F outside and raining very lightly. The ice, snow, and frozen roads will be so much better in the morning. Happy!

This is this morning, the little calf is now 2 months old. Her mom is on the left, keeping an eye on the situation.



Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Saga of the Christmas Tree

We went next door to the tree farm last week and picked out and brought home our tree. It was put into a 5 gallon bucket of water inside the shop. Now, the whole thing is completely frozen into a rather large ice cube. I am thinking that it might melt by next week.........

Playing with Dolls...

I have had to stay home for the last several days due to the freezing conditions and the extremely bad roads. I have a SUV with 4 wheel drive, so it is bad when I don't go out.  My time has been spent in my studio, working on crafts. I got this rag doll at a thrift shop. She was as plain as can be, I changed all that one day. I added the apron, lace, crochet, jewelry and do-dads. I have further plans. I want to do something with her hair, and add more trims. This is a work in progress, and I like to overdo sometimes. I call her my Brave Girl Doll, Prairie Girl.

Today, I went to our little town. 3000 souls and there isn't much to offer for entertainment. I stopped by a friends home for tea, and went to the thrift store.  What a score...they were just pricing and putting out a huge collection of vintage sewing trims. I just selected my favorites and barely touched this collection. I found many vintage crochet laces...just my thing for crafting. Yes!! I am going to have fun. I got a tiny size pink trim that is going to be perfect for the rag doll's hemline, and maybe for her sleeves.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vintage Christmas Cards with Birds

I really love wild birds, as you may have noticed. These vintage cards are so pretty, that I just had to show them to you. All these are from Pinterest.

Freezing Water Lines

This pretty home in Newberg Oregon that we purchased about 1 1/2 years ago had water lines freeze and burst yesterday. The garage and wall between the house and garage is where it happened. Several of the other homes built at the same time (same builder) had this happen yesterday, including the house to the left in this photo. This is the first time that this extreme cold has hit the area since 1999 construction. We get these bad freezes about every 15 to 20 years.

They had to call the Fire Dept to come shut off the water, everything is so frozen. Ugh, professionals are on the way. My guess is that the damage is to the garage and adjacent areas and floors/walls. Oh, the joys of home ownership.

And, BTW, back here on the farm on High Prairie (150 miles south) we had a little freeze up at the well head yesterday, we quickly dealt with the problem with no damage. That said, the roads have been treacherous for 5 days, and I have barely left the house. It took hubby 2 hours to go a distance that usually takes 1 hour, today. He is headed to the Newberg house, to help.

The good news is that there is a general warming weather pattern now, in a few days it will be over this time.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Making Sugar Cookies

Update - These turned out really good, hubby loved them!

Hubby loves sugar cookies, you know the rolled out frosted kind, that take forever to make. I found this one on pinterest today. I am making them sometime soon for Hubby. The link to the recipe is at Echoes of Laughter Blog

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Simple Times

I found this 1912 December cover from Successful Farming the other day. I thought about how 100+ years ago life was completely different in many ways. A child would feel very loved and cared for when Grandma made mittens for them. Then I noticed the caption at the bottom "Christmas Memories", then maybe this was about 100 to 150 years ago.......

I guess that Grandma probably made many mittens, she would have had many grandchildren.

I thought about all the glossy magazines of this era, and the messages we are sent...bigger, better, nicer, spend, spend, spend $$$$. Hum...I just read O Magazine December 2013 issue today...and you guessed it...just the same thing....$$$. Readers think that what they portray is normal life, and that we need to be the same...........what? I think that my magazine "diet" has done wonders for me. I think that I used to believe the pictures,. and attempt to copy the ideas inside my home.

I have a smaller tree again this year...hubby can not understand. I will happy to decorate the tree no matter the size. I am happy with less.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting Ready for Much Colder Temperatures

We have lived in this house for almost 16 years, and had the water lines freeze at the well one time. Hubby and a friend completely demolished the existing building and made a much better one, and they built a frame around the pump head and filled it with soil. We have not had a problem since. That said... the weather is getting much colder (for here it is really cold).

On the farm, if we lose power, then we have no running water, because we are on our private well. I have some water storage in case of power outages...but we might have water lines freeze. I am getting several 5 gallon buckets filled in the bathtub (for flushing).

The larger Terry Trailer is inside the shop building. We have a generator for using with the trailer. The plan for warmth is the move into the trailer and be able to stay warm and cook with propane.

Stay Warm Friends!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Feeding the Wild Birds Suet Cakes

I love to feed the wild birds, especially in the winter months. I make my own suet cakes from a simple recipe from Wild Bird Magazine. I tried the factory made suet cakes, however, I found that the birds do not like the factory made cakes that can be purchased in many stores. The birds don't really like the fancy feeders out there, just get these simple cages for feeding.

This feeder is a peanut feeder, a great source for winter food. I don't find that the birds here like peanuts very well. I put chopped walnuts into this feeder, with a tray attached to the bottom so that they walnuts don't end up in the snow.  The birds go for it!!  In addition, I put cracked corn onto the ground after snow removal, this works for many birds including quail.

Be sure to put the feeders near a window so you can enjoy bird watching while in the comfort of the house...and then you will be able to refill the feeders easily. Oh, and BTW it was 10.9 degrees here last night. Burrrrr

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Farmish Kind of Life Blog

Amy Dingman has two blogs. Her most recent post about Thanksgiving and Walmart is a good one. A Farmish Kind of Life  I had to link to this post. She said it so clearly...the hypocritical people...they are crazy!  I have a close family member who loudly complains about Walmart....all the time!!

Baby It's Cold Outside

This is not news to most of us in the USA. A polar front is sweeping down from the North Pole, bringing frigid temperatures.  It was a new low today for my home, December 4 2013, at 14 degrees. This is just for this date. It is a dry cold, sunny, not windy, or snowing. I am sorry for all of you that are in the Midwest, wowzeers....so cold there. This is pretty bad for all the wildlife and outdoor livestock. They say the windchill in Bismark North Dakota is going to be -45 degrees tomorrow.

What am I doing for the wild birds?...I have a heated birdbath and put out black oil sunflower seeds.  I have a heated dog and cat water dish that is outside, although these pets stay indoors mostly. I put 2 water trough de-icers into the water for the cattle and gave them extra hay.

Inside the house, the Fireplace insert is going all day, the sun gives the house plenty of solar heat and we are comfortable. All in all, pretty nice inside. I am hoping that everyone is staying warm tonight.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Remember Riding on a Merry Go Round?

I sure remember as a little girl in Spokane Washington riding one. That vintage ride has been restored and is still in use. I think that I loved the beautiful horses. They were painted in vivid colors, and each one was different.

Life is a Journey
Enjoy the Ride

Monday, December 2, 2013

It is Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

This pic is cute as a button...it is not my little trailer. Prairie Flower is parked inside a large shop building, so it will not be outside as decoration.  The idea to light and decorate a sweet vintage trailer is very fun indeed. There is going to be a little snow this week. It is earlier than normal for the Pacific Northwest USA. The first snow is often late in December.  A neighbor has opened their Noble Fir Tree Farm for sale of trees for only $10...what a deal. We will be there to get a tree pretty soon.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Baby is on the Way...

My daughter's best friend since 7 grade is going to have her first baby. She just told us as she starts her 2nd trimester. My "other daughter" Trisha (she's 28) and her hubby are welcoming their child in June 2014. We are happy for them!